The Ancient Modern Civilizations Roleplay

  • The Ancient Modern Civilizations Roleplay, or AMCR for short, is a roleplay about ancient civilizations with modern technology.

    Want Carthage with giant modern battleships?

    We've got them!

    Want Macedonians with heavy artillery?

    We've got that too!

    Want a Roman Legion riding god damn tanks?

    We've got it all!

    Alternative history has never been more alternative, so why not alternate your current mundane life by entering the roleplay! We welcome anyone and everyone, and will be glad to help guiding you if you lack experience. Various countries, of differing difficulty, relevance and playstyle are open, so don't worry about not having one that suits you!

    Want to have history to back your roleplay? Pick one of the civilized countries! Want to have basically no guiding lines? Barbarian are here for you! Want to be part of a smaller dome before going out? A vassal or a British country might be best!

    Take a look at the current landswap map to get a feel:


    Currently we have the following slots open:

    • Armenia (Ottoman Empire)
    • Illyria (Austria-Hungary)
    • Hispania (Spain)
    • Gallia (France)
    • Slavs (Poland)
    • Finns (Finland)
    • Danes (Sweden)

    We have a discord where all the information is neatly displayed, so be sure to pop in if you are interested!