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    In that case, Supremacy 1 is the perfect option for you 8)

    It has dynamic unit types, new maps and great new opportunities for RP! :love:8o

    But just remember in 2 years, they will come up with another iteration of it and take those away, so be sure to use your time wisely ;)

    Implying it will be alive in 2 years. Or right now for that matter.

    As things are going, please stay on topic as this is for game-play feedback for this update. Respectful and constructive criticism are always nice however if it goes off topic or it gets bad enough with toxic feedback the devs might not even look to see the feedback that would help improve the game. If this topic stays toxic then it might be closed and if it continues to other patch notes feedback then the devs might not even ask for feedback.

    Looks to me they already don't care about feedback. Who in this god forsaken earth asked for any of these features?

    Denouncing of gms usage and those that buy gms is not permitted.

    Ah yes, the good ol' anti freedom of speech rule, so that the whales that support Bytro don't feel bad about spending their life savings on these collapsing games.

    GM is a pay to win mechanic that ruins the game and serves the sole purpose of giving Bytro income without having to actually work for it, hit me with that ban now if don't mind

    Wasn't around at the time, but according to some old members of the rp community who where, a map editor was promised a few years back. We still waitin' lol.

    Not like bytro would implement such a good feature though lmao, if people don't get mad it ain't a bytro update I say

    Imagine being afraid of repercussions for voicing your opinion on a collapsing game whose developers give no shits about many sectors of the community

    It was forgotten in the S1914 release notes.

    I can confirm that "Fire at Will" now functions again as before it was changed, so wars are no longer triggered with neutral nations on the default settings.

    Cool, now to wait a few months for the new features, or more correctly, the removal of them, to be fixed, so that we can have something else be ruined :)

    i think it's hilarious that they removed trading between neutral countries for the sake of realism, which is ironic to the point of being retarded already, yet kept province trading, because trading a big ass part of your country, now without the ability to be paid in resources, sure is realistic

    It doesn't matter anymore lmao, they've shown time and time again that they don't know what they're doing, whether that's the devs fault or the higher ups, I dont give a fuck

    Units having their default being aggressive? No one liked it, everyone said to revert, we even had the promise of it being eventually reverted, and jack shit has happened. Units continue to clash at sea and accidental wars keep happening due to this bullshit

    Imma go ahead an quit this game, and I advice everyone else to do it too, here's my main reasons for it (not all of themt)

    -It's pay 2 win, and it's not even good at that. Goldmark is only tolerated because the game is free and because the dumb fucks who spam it are too bad at the game to actually make a difference. Never spent a dime on this, glad I haven't

    -Wanna make constructive criticism to help the game? We banned you for having a bad opinion on us.

    -new ui is bad too, but i dont care enough to keep going, im sure voicing my opinion is already enough to be banned so ill see yall somewhere else i guess

    If by some miracle you get Detroit, what AI can you hit next? Halifax. Wow you got a fish. Great work. I love playing as South Canada and if NUSA got Halifax, I would nuke their country, I would go to the shop, buy 1000 dollars worth of Goldmarks and just keep hitting that military sabotage button until their capital is destroyed. Then I would repeat that with my entire bank account. I would take out a loan against my house and sell my car to afford more Goldmarks to grind that slimy North USA player into the dust for seizing my Halifax. I would go to the player's house and ask them to move in. Then I would steal their credit card and run up a massive Goldmark charge on it to destroy him. Then I would purposely get us both banned from the game for multi-accounting because I was stealing his internet.

    Amazing paragraph, gonna have this written in my tombstone

    This is true and bobokil has a point to e.g. if you click a newspaper article it takes you tothe nation who wrote it (for non anons then) But what about France_ and France? it remains hard to keep the confusion away

    A solution would perhaps have it search for the word in the name, not matching it perfectly. This issue of preventing copies gets a bit complicated since even the default names share some words, like any duo of "East/West" countries.

    I don't see the amount of people who would abuse the system being any bigger than the amount that abuses the currently editable stuff, and those who do end up receiving proper punishment, so I see it as a having a slight bit more hassle, if at all, for a very useful and interesting feature that complements already existing ones.

    You don't really need to worry about the stupid names, since you could already do that with leader names n' stuff. Just a matter of report and ban if need be.

    I think it's a great idea, though I wonder if perhaps it isn't quite possible because they reference the names of the countries as constants in the code somewhere? If that were the case, I'd suggest making two names, one which would be displayed as the current one is, and another that would serve to identify the country internally. If the current source code isn't a total god forsaken mess, I don't see it being a very hard task.

    I was doing some utility landswap maps based on the 31 Player Europe Map (which may be released eventually), when I noticed multiple flaws with the map provided in Narmer's post, likely due to game updates that occurred after the creation of the map.

    After a bit of work, I have completed a more accurate version. Here it is, full colors and black and white:


    Here is the list of changes:

    • Divide of Columbia and Summerville, in South USA;
    • Removal of some lakes north of Port Cartier;
    • Removal of Malta, south of Italy;
    • Removal of lakes south of Constantine and retouching of the border with Bougle & Oued, in East Algeria;
    • Removal of lake between Kairwan and Médenine, in Tunisia (Portugal AI in game);
    • Removal of lakes north of Konich and Adalia, in the Ottoman Empire;
    • Removal of a lake Southeast of Vienna, in Austria Hungary;
    • Removal of lakes around Milan, in Italy;
    • Removal of a lake southwest of Berne, in Switzerland (Belgium AI in game);
    • Removal of a lake West of Sundsvall, in Sweden.

    If you find an error let me know.

    Hey I have a question regarding the default option, which says:

    "Blocks and attacks close by neutral or enemy units, unless they have right of way."

    Say I have a neighbor, who I have a verbal non aggression pact with for mutual benefit, represented in-game by a neutral relation between countries. If I for some reason had an artillery sitting in a city close enough to one of his, would it just shoot his armies?

    If so, that is a terrible design choice. It would force me to either not keep units in that province, sign a right of way pact (which I might not want due to several reasons), or just fight him. It's even worse if the reason the artillery was there was because it was built in that province.

    The Ancient Modern Civilizations Roleplay, or AMCR for short, is a roleplay about ancient civilizations with modern technology.

    Want Carthage with giant modern battleships?

    We've got them!

    Want Macedonians with heavy artillery?

    We've got that too!

    Want a Roman Legion riding god damn tanks?

    We've got it all!

    Alternative history has never been more alternative, so why not alternate your current mundane life by entering the roleplay! We welcome anyone and everyone, and will be glad to help guiding you if you lack experience. Various countries, of differing difficulty, relevance and playstyle are open, so don't worry about not having one that suits you!

    Want to have history to back your roleplay? Pick one of the civilized countries! Want to have basically no guiding lines? Barbarian are here for you! Want to be part of a smaller dome before going out? A vassal or a British country might be best!

    Take a look at the current landswap map to get a feel:


    Currently we have the following slots open:

    • Armenia (Ottoman Empire)
    • Illyria (Austria-Hungary)
    • Hispania (Spain)
    • Gallia (France)
    • Slavs (Poland)
    • Finns (Finland)
    • Danes (Sweden)

    We have a discord where all the information is neatly displayed, so be sure to pop in if you are interested!