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  • Infantry

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    Unit Description: The infantry is the main land combat force and backbone of your army. They have the following capabilities:

    Ground Units Air Units Naval Units Infrastructural Targets
    Attack Damage 1.2 N/A ≈ 0.4 0.9
    Defense Damage 1.2 0.12 ≈ 0.4 N/A

    Table Source: 5.2 The units

    Note: All the numbers in the table above as well as in the explanations below postulates 100% morale and 100% mobilisation.

    Explanation for Ground Units: An infantry unit will do 1.2 in attack damage & defense damage against other ground units. This is the maximum amount of damage that an infantry unit can dish out on its own.

    Explanation for Air Units: An infantry unit cannot attack air units as it can only defend itself. Therefore, its attack damage versus air units are non-existent within the table. It will on the other hand defend itself against air attacks with 10% of its defense damage, i.e. 1.2 * 0.10 = 0.12.

    Explanation for Naval Units: When at sea the defense and attack damage of an infantry unit will only be 33% of what it would have had on land. It will as such do approximately 1.2 * 0.33 ≈ 0.4 against naval units when at sea. Your infantry can attack naval units from ground, provided those units are within range of your infantry. In which case, they will not suffer from the sea penalty.

    Note: Contrary to popular belief infantry does have a small range from which they can open fire. More on that down below in the post.

    Explanation for Infrastructural Targets: Infantry will damage enemy infrastructure by 0.9 and this is a separate damage that is dealt at the side of the attack damage that is dealt towards other ground units. Meaning, the presence of enemy infrastructure will not absorb the attack damage of your infantry that is dealt towards enemy ground units, which is a common misperception.

    The speed of infantry is as following:

    Territory: Home territory Foreign territory Enemy territory Sea
    Speed 36 km/h 25 km/h 12.5 km/h 21 km/h
    Railway Speed: 90 km/h 63 km/h 31 km/h N/A

    Table Source: 5.2 The units

    Note: The table above postulates 100% mobilisation as the movement speed of a unit is determined by mobilisation.

    As earlier mentioned infantry does have ranged capabilities. The range depend on the territory in which the infantry is stationed. You will find the range here in this table expressed in minutes and seconds:

    Own Territory Friendly Territory Neutral Territory (Sea) Enemy Territory
    8 minutes & 20 seconds 11 minutes & 54 seconds 14 minutes & 17 seconds 23 minutes & 48 seconds

    Table Source: Here

    Note: The table above postulates 100% mobilisation as unit speed is determined by mobilisation and unit speed was used to calculate these numbers that was later verified within the game by myself and a plethora of other people such as Meredin and boris.de.

    Land Sea
    Hitpoints: 1 1

    Table Source: 5.2 The units

    Note: The table above postulates 100% morale, because morale is a percentage of the HP. It is impossible to have 1 HP without having 100% morale. The game will however round values and as such in the unit detail window an infantry unit with 99% morale may show up as having 1 HP - just to be clear.

    Size Factors: a0=1 a5=0.3 a15=0.1 a40=0

    Table Source: 5.2 The units

    These size factors are telling us that the first 5 infantry units will contribute with 100% of their attack / defense damage to the stack, meaning there has been no loss of attack / defense damage that they contribute with to the stack.

    However, they are also telling us that from unit nr. 6 to nr. 15 each additional infantry unit will only contribute with 0.3 or 30% of their attack / defense damage to the stack. In other words, there has been a loss of damage that they can contribute with to the stack and this tells us that not all units are operating at maximum efficiency anymore.

    So we can see that 5 units will operate at 1 or 100% efficiency, 10 units will be able to operate at 0.3 or 30% efficiency and finally we can also see that 25 units will be able to operate at 0.1 or 10% efficiency.

    This has been graphically illustrated in this attack damage table down below with red lines marking the transitioning to a new size factor:

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    Table Source: Here

    Down below you have a graph summarising the data of the table along with a graphical explanation of what is happening in conjunction with a summary.

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    Graph Source: Here