Missing Unit Type - Destroyers

  • We need an additional naval unit called a destroyer flotilla.


    Cost: 5,000 silver, 1,000 iron, 500 coal, 500 oil.

    Speed of a cruiser. When escorting a convoy, it's speed will match that of the troop ships.

    No ranged combat. Will "attack" a naval unit when it occupies the same space.

    Surface attack of 1, anti-air defense of .5, submarine attack of 2.

    Good at acting as picket ships, escorting convoys, and forming anti-sub groups that can race in to attack subs found by aircraft or when the subs attacked a convoy.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this unit .:)

  • This has been suggested in the past however so far no implement into the game. adding a new navel unit would likely mean new balancing issues. for example subs are fairly week if they are found by themselves and are not that efficient in combat due to it being a melee unit. thus why it has stealth to make it usable. adding this unit isn't needed as you can build subs yourself or use infantry to act as meat-shields/finders for subs. to be realistic subs should be able to hit and run and not be in stuck in melee.

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