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    The reason why the name is not allowed is because of the current situation happening in Ukraine. The name is currently placed as a provocation for heated subject in chat and that there are conflicts concerning of what is happening in Ukraine which would be best to avoid as it will be seen as violation of chat rule #1, #2, and #4.

    With this said this thread will be closed and if you still have any question please feel free to message me or other moderators.

    If you have questions about being banned best go to a moderator via pm or though whisper talking about bans in public is not allowed.

    :!:I would like to remind all to not break the forum rules, I and the moderation staff understand many are upset with the removal of legacy but it doesn't mean you are allowed to break the rules. Swearing and insulting players/bytro staffers is still not allowed. Please remain civil and respectful, and give constructive criticism. :!:

    There are a few reasons why most games do not allow players to make factories and the respectful units until a curtain time.
    1. Its a balance issue, as you can see every nation starts out with different resources, borders, and when the player joins the round. The first 8 days are to allow players to build up resources, gain land or build up their land. This is the main thing its balance and having a grace period for players to join.
    2. It prevents multis from doing more damage.

    this suggestion will likely never happen as its a feature thats not needed. because you can always place a buy/sell offer at a set price and try to work the market out. Also the AI tend to mess the markets up and players tend to play the stock market. Lastly when you join a game there are different offers set for each players which are not the cheapest nor expensive. But overall the feature will likely not happen as it will not be helpful in the long run.

    This suggestion is similar to past ideas. It be nice to have a feature to increase the % of repair however one must remember the replacement of crew members and repairs. don't look at 1 tank and think its all by itself but 1 tank= more than 1 unit, like infantry are made up of more than 1 soldier.

    Also one must consider lvl of factory which should make a difference can't repair a light tank with a lvl1 factory but a lvl 2 would take longer than a lvl3.

    But the easy way that the devs avoid the manual repair is that all mech units auto repair regardless of prov morale and land ownership. So if damage you can repair in enemy lands compare to infantry where their morale will drop.

    The feature has been suggested. the main issues are how to implement the idea and how to balance/prevent exploiting.

    However one must consider that making a full retreat can cause greater loses because your enemy can cut off and retreats or keep your force fighting preventing such a full retreat. its all neat in theory but chaos rules the battlefield which the players can't control battlefield tactics. There are many outcomes. So to prevent such complex coding it be best just to leave the units kill each other till one survives.

    If you are in a team game you can place defense spies in your allied territory.

    Concerning outside team games. its tricky because players can turn on each other at any moment. its possible to add in but its going to be some work because you need to add in more text in newspaper and spy reports. Its not out of the realm of possibility.

    I would like to remind everyone to remain on topic for their respectful threads. If there is no thread for the new topic feel free so it does not over take what threads are suppose to talk about.

    On another note the aircraft carrier idea. Like in another thread that requested such feature this is what I stated. It will likely not happen mainly because in ww1 carriers were late and mostly in prototype stages. In addition they saw limited action. It be best to not add Aircraft carriers as ww1 was different than ww2 and should be.

    To answer your first question about user names.
    When you sign up and are suppose to read ToS. It states this
    "4.5 During the registration process for the game, the Participant chooses a user name under which he will be registered as a Participant of the game. It is strictly prohibited to chose a name with content which is pornographic, racist, inciteful, glorifies war and/or violence, offensive or otherwise illegal. Breach of this clause entitles Bytro Labs to immediately exclude the Participant from the game."

    Answering your second question is we do have chat rules listed here

    Chat Rules - Rules - Supremacy - ForumThe chat does have a filter system in place but one can not filter all words. A lot of the chat rules are enforced in games as there is no real differences.

    Concerning your last statement is that its best to not deputy mod as you will also be adding to the existing problem. The best way of doing so is to report such content and to avoid further complications.

    Game rewards/payouts

    Currently the system that figures who and how much of a payout when the game ends is by the following.

    Both coalition and players not in the coalition are ranked in the same system. Now the ranking system is the percentage to the end game point goal. For normal games, solo players have the 1000 points to reach to win the game, for coalition its 1500 points. This means that if a solo player has 300 points (30%) compared to a coalition of 350 points (23.33%). Add in another solo player having 20% and a coalition 17% for the fallowing example.

    1st place winner will be the 30% player, payout is the first place reward+ points

    2nd place winner will be the 23.33% coalition team, payout is the 2nd coalition reward

    3rd place winner is the 20% player, payout is the 3rd place +points

    the 17% coalition will receive payout is 0 gms

    The index of power does not determine the winner or who is wining. In order to know who is winning please look for a number between your profile and your resources or it might be placed above your resources bar. If its not showing you might have to zoom out your browser (not the map) for it to show. That is what rank/place you are in the game. Legacy mode does not have this feature:!:

    When you click on the number you will be shown the rank/place you and fellow players are in along with what reward you may receive. Each map is different and that the legacy mode newspaper reward is not updated to show the new rewards/ranks.
    Also note that even inactive players are still in the ranking and will fill in the prized spots.

    When a player/s join a coalition they give up the chance of winning/counted as a solo player.

    In addition this means that all coalition members receive 0 gms that do not make it to the top reward rank needed.

    However the solo players that are active and have Index power points will receive gms = to their index points.

    Lastly if you become inactive the day the game ends you do not receive any rewards.