[RPU Community Training] 1460 Onwards Alternate History Roleplay

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    Roleplay Lore

    Vinland, a name given to the lands explored and briefly settled by norse vikings in north america around the year 1000, particularly referring to newfoundland, where a viking site known as L'Anse aux Meadows was uncovered in the 1960s, and the gulf of St.Lawrence.

    But what if an america, discovered by the Norse was continually colonized for 460 years after its discovery? What would that look like? This round gives you the opportunity to explore such an alternative timeline.

    With the discovery of america by the norwegians, and the chance for untold riches to be found in such a new world, many kingdoms across Europe move to send colonist ships to settle and gain from it, after all.... its free real estate.

    Unfortunately for the vikings, by the end of the Viking age, most European lands had strong central authorities, including trained, standing armies capable of

    mounting effective defenses against Viking attacks.

    Generally, the Vikings were not trained, organized troops. While skilled at arms, their shock tactics were ineffective against trained, professional soldiers supported by the king.

    Their holdings in north america were quickly seized by the French, Scottish and English, who made fine holdings for themselves. Central European Nations, such as the Kingdom of Burgundy and Archduchy of Austria, also moved to capitalize on this great opportunity by establishing their own colonies of New Dijon [Modern New York] and Fredrickstown [Modern Jamestown]. For the Iberians, rather than their historic expansion into the new world coming first, they moved in last with their acquisition of the southern section of north america.

    Following 460 years of continued conflicts with Europeans, the tribes of north america gradually began to put up a more significant and large scale resistance to colonization. With their militarily strongest tribe of the Iroquois, much of the native population that is not enslaved in colonial areas are united in the large Iroquois confederacy, with defenses around the great lakes and parts of canada and america.

    Landswap Map

    Game Base Rules

    =No Gold Usage. Usage automatically removes you from the round.

    =1 Day In Game = 1 Year in RP, Day 1 is 1460

    Unit Names & Restrictions
    Infantry: Infantry = No Limit
    Artillery: Artillery = 1 Per Province
    Cavalry: Cavalry = No Limit
    Armored Cars: Dragoons = No Limit
    Tanks: Knights = 1 Per Province
    Heavy Tanks: King's Guard = 1 Per Country Balloons: Scouts = No Limit
    Submarines: Light Trade Ships = 1 Per Harbor
    Light Cruisers: Galleys = 5 Per Harbor Battleship: Wargalleons = 2 Per Harbor

    Banned Units

    I reserve the right to use Gold to eradicate those who violate the rules, or to penalize players for rulebreaks. Mind you, I have the capacity for lots of Goldmark.

    We will heavily Focus On Finishing Landswap First, meaning no official in character RP before we finish landswapping unless informed otherwise.

    Coalitions are to be “Empire Based” only unless specified otherwise.

    You are allowed to build all buildings Except Aerodromes

    I reserve the right to disband any coalitions not following rules. You may create multiple coalitions if slots are filled for one, just keep the flag and info same for all of them.

    Meatshielding is not allowed. Meatshielding is stacking infantry on naval units to keep them protected.

    A war Will be mandated to end if 5 years pass with no province control change or major battles fought.

    If your capital falls, or 40% of your country is occupied in a war, you will be forced to surrender.

    There is a Mandatory Peace period to be determined between the sides of a war that must be for at least 5 Years.

    The Remainder of the Rules including the War Rules, Expansion Rules, Alliance Rules, and Vassal Rules are on the discord server. Please follow the link given above to apply there if interested in the round.

    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

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