Whats up withe Europe 1914 Historic rounds?

  • I used to play this game and have just came back to it, allot of things have change but hey that's the nature of supremacy.

    However the historic map rounds now seem messed up to me.

    I joined one game with out really thinking about or reading the game info before. It turn out to be a six player round, the default used to be a eight player round, which makes sense for the 4v4 of entente vs central powers. ( I know you could tinker with the game setting and have different player numbers and alliance types.)

    I ended up in the neutral country alliance, as Spain along side Morocco, the other players in the game are France, Italy, Russia in the entente, and Germany in the central powers. This seems ridiculously unfair. It is a 3v1 against Germany on her own. With Spain and Morocco sitting on the side lines with our low troop count and populations.

    I spectated some other rounds of this map and its the same thing; six player rounds and a lopsided player number in the entente and central powers with one or two players in neutral countries.

    Now even despite the fact that most people didn't understand this map, its population difference and its fixed alliances,( which i always thought needed to be explained on day one of the DE)

    The default setting which are being made in these rounds seems really messed up and unfair. Why was the default set to 6 player rounds? and why lopsided alliance numbers, do you think this is a problem or is an intentional change with good reasons i can't see?