Rebellions in Chaos!

  • Greetings Generals,

    As the sun rises on a new day your government has been informed of crimes of treason and many local governments are abandoning your rule for that of another nation.

    As many of you know having low morale on a province can lead to a revolt (below 30%). When the province revolts it declares itself as part of another country.

    Daily consumption is quite important as failing to fill it leads to a drop of morale. Running out of resources (especially food) can start a decline in morale, as will declaring war with multiple countries.

    To raise morale in a province you can either use Goldmarks or fill their daily consumption and the morale will raise slowly at daychange or station troops with high morale to suppress rebellions. Also, building fortifications and placing your capitol close to provinces can help.

    Conquered provinces are set to 25% morale at the time of capture, this increases the chance of rebellion for these provinces at the day change. At each day change the morale will rise slowly in good conditions, or with poor conditions the morale could remain stable or fall. Factors that reduce morale include the number of wars, distance from capital, and the morale of neighboring provinces.

    REMEMBER: Garrison troops left inside the province center will reduce the revolt risk in your new province. A strong enough force will completely suppress a rebellion, while a weak force of just one or two units generally have a chance to be overcome by the rebellion, or to join the rebellion.

    There is a complete guide to this mechanic on our forum:…overning-your-country-en/

    Note: Rebellions/revolts will be reported at daychange at the end of the newspaper in your round.

    Recently it looks like chaos has run rampant throughout your nation as rebellions seem more frequent, I assure you this is not the case. The current behaviour is indeed intended. There was a bug since at least August last year that suppressed revolts in most of the cases, which is now fixed. So revolts should now happen again more frequently. Also the displayed revolt chance got corrected, since it also showed wrong values.

    Have fun playing / Ádh mór ort sa chatha!

    Dr. Leipreachán

    EN Game Operator

    EN Community Support | S1914

    EN Community Support | S1: TGW