Player replacing another player 31 days into a Rush 500 game

  • How is it possible that I have a an ally in italy who is top 3 and goes afk. Same moment he goes afk after 31 inmap days, he is replaced in 2-3 hours by some random dude who joined supremacy 9 days ago and is doing only maps which give him enough rank to join 500 map

    Dude has not won anything, stats terrible yet he is somehow replacing regular player on 3rd top afked country? I wonder if this is some strange bytro mechanic introduced and never explained or just another cheater.

    Can someone explain how is it possible and how to do it?

    Thank you


  • turns out in a Gold Rush game admins can purge inactive player who can be later replaced by random dudes up till the last day of even

    14 days time to join 500 * 4 times speed = 56 days, exactly how long it takes for an event to last