I'm looking into trying out RP

  • Hello, recently I was interested trying out Roleplay in Supremacy 1914. Does anyone know where I can start or any other recommendations that can help me on the way?

    Thank you in advance!

    I'm very happy with Supremacy 1914 : D

  • The New Roleplayers Union

    "Unity and Loyalty above all."

    We are an alliance dedicated to roleplaying within the Supremacy 1914, Call of War and New World Empires communities, here to establish ourselves as a broad group of individuals who support the expansion of this wonderful roleplaying community.

    Our mission is to help RP creators find the players they need for their games, build a strong RP community on all sites where roleplaying is possible, and to increase the quality of roleplay rounds on all sites.

    We as the NRPU are here to support you in any sort of organized roleplay. We can help with gathering players for your games; Assistance in Roleplay round creation and organization, and training the future generation of roleplayers.
    Our arms are open to all players, new and old alike in Roleplaying.

    In order to join this fine collection of Roleplayers, follow the link:
    For more information contact LightningTurk.


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!