Dr. Leipreachán's Office

  • Hiho folks,

    As many of you may already know I am the current Community Coordinator for Supremacy 1914. I have held this role for the past few months 8o =O I have been on the volunteer support team since (across bytro games since about 2015 (I am feeling older every line I write ;( ) and being playing S1914 since back in the before time, the age of java :P

    Today I would like to invite you to my Office where you can grab me at any time for any issues you have, any questions, etc.

    Where is my Office, it is at the end of the Discord rainbow https://discord.gg/AayGwwR by joining this server you should then be able to send me direct PMs on Discord with any issues you are having.

    (OFC: as I am but a chán I may be late in reply but will always reply to any issue)

    All the best

    Have fun playing / Ádh mór ort sa chatha!

    Dr. Leipreachán

    EN Game Operator

    EN Community Support | S1914

    EN Community Support | S1: TGW