New alliance for ONLY active & good players ! (ally forum)

  • Hi guys,

    Well, if you read that, you must be an active & good player. :thumbup:

    I created "Force Of Justice" [FOJ] because playing so many games with bad partners made me mad.... :cursing:;(

    I am very ambitious. I would like the ally becoming a very good one. <3

    We have a forum. In my opinion it will be very important and usefull for the ally : organisation, games, strategy, gameplay, wars, community, fun.....If you don't see the utility of a forum, don't join us please. The adress is : :!::!::!:

    I'm french, but talk english, in my mind it will be an international ally, so don't worry if you see things written only in french and you don't understand french : just tell/ask me and I will write it in english too. ;)

    My ingame name is patator66. I hope I will finally find here good players who get the motivation to improve and play well !! :):thumbup: