Gold Marks Confirmation before use

  • While assigning spies a miss click will cause a loss of lot of GM.

    I am not sure if this is the right place hopefully it is,

    whenever I assign a spy to a province the game will automatically scroll the espionage tab up, and some times I want to add multiple spies and I will click aiming at the next location after the first assignment, but by that time the tab auto-scrolls up causing a miss-click to say 'sabatoge buildings' (immediately 2000 GM gone!)

    Is their a feature to remove auto scroll in espionage tab or try and make a confirmation like the one found on mobile to confirm before using GM above a certain limit say 1000 or something to avoid miss-clicks?

    Also amazing game and best of all I find the 4x has perfect timing for me !!!

  • I have no problem with the developers trying to monetize their product and understand their need for players to transact more GM. My humble opinion, there should be a confirmation notice and some visual indication that any action the player will take will cost GM.

    Great to see the Confirmation of Gold Spending slide on the mobile App. I didn't know about this, as I have been caught out in the past accidentally hitting buttons.

    For PC users, (I use both) there should be a notification as well.

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