Let two alliance members join a game at the same time

  • Give each alliance member one game joining token. He can give it to another member in his alliance.

    The second member then joins a game, and uses the token to have the first member join.

    The token then goes back to the first member.

    Currently, members must be logged into the game at the same time in order to join a game together. This is difficult since alliance members usually live in different time zones. So alliance members cannot join the same game unless the game is so large there is still time to join hours later.

    Supremacy1914 will limit which games allow use of game joining tokens.

    Supremacy1914 will limit how many game joining tokens can be used in a particular game by a particular alliance.

  • Trying to do that, but my Alliance leader is 13 hours different from me. I work. Very hard to connect and join smaller games when games fill quickly. My proposal solves everything and makes Alliances vibrant. Otherwise Alliances will need to recruit only players from the same or close to the same timezones in order to coordinate joining the same smaller games.

  • I am in alliance which has player with different time zones but still we play together and even in my previous alliance we used to play together (different time zones).

    Best you can do is can create password protected maps.