How to take advantage of fortress defence range and splash damage range

  • As we all know,
    Fortresses have an effective range of 3km.
    The splash damage range is 5km.
    It is possible to fit as many as 3 stacks of troops within a fortress while only one take damage.

    This is mathematically proved from the calculation:
    Let the angle between two paths be θ.

    According to the sine rule, in order to separate two stacks to 5km apart, while staying in the fortress
    3² - 3² + 2 × 3² × cosθ = 5²
    θ = 113° or 247° (reject, obsolete)
    (rounded up to the nearest integer)
    360/113 = 3

    (rounded down to the nearest ineteger)

    This also proves that there needs to be at least an angle of 113° between the two paths in order to do this.


    The image on the right is a demonstration of this tactic. Melee enemy is coming from the left, when they reach the fortress only the stack of soldiers take damage while the artilleries does not.

    However, this tactic is vulnerable if your enemy has the same ranged attack range as you, such as when you both have artilleries, your artilleries do not fight back since enemies are not in range, but your enemy could bomb your soldiers. Be careful.

    Another vulnerability is that the range enemy could target the middle of the fortress which makes all of them take damage.


    The image on the right combined both flower defence and this tactic.

    This is a good example of how you can take advantage when your ranged attack range is higher than your enemy's. In this case artillery and light cruiser.

    I put the soldiers on top of the artilleries to farm morale, armoured cars to take damage. (this is late game)

    If you are able to improve this or could think of a cool name, please tell me or dm me at NoobChester#9399 on discord. :)