I sadly don't have all the scenarios

  • Hello
    When I'm trying to create a new game, it seems as though I don't have all the scenarios. I can't find the 500 and 100 player scenarios? When I'm trying to join a game, I can easily join 500 and 100 player games.
    Any help is appreciated:)

  • Joining a map already running and creating one are two sperate issues. Rank is required to initiate some maps., while joining is limited only by the parameters installed by the one creating it for a minimum rank requirement.

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  • 100 /500 and Speed/Event maps are only sponsored by BYTRO

    As a player, you are allowed to create one personal map per month, choices include any of the 31 player or smaller map scenarios, you can create up to 5 of these maps each month if you have HIGH COMMAND


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