[S1914] Release Notes - 2021-07-06

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    • The construction and production panel on mobile devices was adjusted to ease the use and overview of the panel.
      • The building time info was moved.
      • Current production and recruitment are displayed on the panel.
      • Information about missing requirements were added.
    • The ranged attack circles which are displayed when selecting any unit with ranged attack capability, have been changed to a thinner, single circle design. This should reduce confusion, especially amongst new players, as to how far the actual range of their units is.

    Bug fixes:

    • When issuing aircraft with attack or patrol orders, the trajectory of the takeoff animation was not in line with the actual target. This has been fixed.
    • An issue was fixed that prevented the “forgot password” option from working properly on android devices. Email addresses can now be entered in the respective text field again, without the popup closing almost immediately.