Patroling figthers

  • It is really for using patrol just to defend land units?

    Im testing this on 500 map and so far i see this.

    If i use first patrol and enemy use patrol above mine -> I do dmg first

    If i use patrol above my units and enemy send planes -> i will kill his planes

    If i use patrol and enemy is attacking my patrol -> he kill all my planes

    If i use double or triple patrol (so patrol above patrol) and enemy fighters attacking my patrol -> still they kill my fighters and theirs are without dmg

    If enemy planes attack something and then they returning back i can attack them and kill all of them without taking dmg. I remember few rounds ago this was not possible as planes always return dmg and do even more dmg on the way back.

    So did bytro changed how planes act ? and now there is no way how to protect your planes ?

  • Simon911

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  • Bytro hasn't touched mechanics of s1914 so far (according to my knowledge). Plane mechanics have always been buggy and foggy. It's hard to understand current plane mechanics. Timing and position matters a lot.

    So don't stress much on it. According to announcement made in official community server the mechanism of s1914 will be changed soon.