​How are things going with the balance?

  • I sent 200 infantry units and 2 tanks to the bot and, as a result, minus half the soldiers and the tank, that's great.

    So what are the resources there? I have all the regions where both food and oil are mined, but oil never came out plus, NEVER. Do I need to take over all of Europe? It's cool, of course, to beg for donation from players so that you endlessly buy resources for donated currency.

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  • You should probably go and give the manual a read, especially the sections on econnomy and governing your country:


    You can balance your available resources against one another in the resources tab to control which resources are used to fill the demands for Food, Materials and Energy. Then there's the "Stock Exchange" where you can sell and buy resources. If you lucked out, whatever it is that you do produce en masse scores good prices there and can easily cover the cost of having to buy what it is you lack for a few days.

    If you're then still left with pressing deficiencies, taking other action might be neccessary. "Taking over all of Europe" really isn't needed to simply alleviate a single resource deficiency but some thinking ahead will be. Then again if you're planning on winning the game, taking over a bunch of stuff is essentially what you'll want to do anyway.