Is this a bug or intended? UI attack damage comparisons. (was answered.)

  • The 1st image is an opponent on day 1 strength and damage. Where strength = 10.2 damage is claimed to be 7.2. The 2nd is mine Where strength = 10.2 damage is claimed to be 3.9.

    It seems that the UI assumes that an opponent has max damage potential. (damage at 100% moral.) Despite being the 66% moral.

    Based on previous fights their damage is more or less = to each other.

    If this was intended to hide info about an opponent it does this well enough. Although I believe that making the enemy damage number a "?".

    It could also be a limitation of the code, another way to explain this sentence. To much work than its worth. Being creating games is hard and its a small feature that has work arounds when trying to find out the opponents damage.

    These 2 were my impressions of this being intended.

    It could also be a bug as it could be unintended side effect of how they wanted to show the enemy army stats.

    Either way what do y'all Think there should be a tweak on this display or if its something that does not bother anyone / other issues with the game are more important?

    UPDATE: The answer to this Question was answered in another form. Thank you "ScaredyCat" for letting me know. From my interpretation of the answer the game is intended to hide an opponents mobilization damage is an extension to it.

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  • Someone had the same question and it was answered there: Mobilization

    I didnt know that mobilization effects of enemies are hidden, so I just learnt something new about the game from this.

    Any sufficiently advanced tactic is indistinguishable from magic to the uninitiated.

  • Not sure if intended or not, but it has been like this for as long as I remember (I started playing in 2017).

    Might be just easier to calculate properly for a player and do a simplified calculation for all other nations.
    Or just simply an oversight by developers at some point in the past.

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