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    I just finished my first game. I have to say that I enjoyed the strategy part of the game. The mechanics seem to leave a lot to be desired. It says if I speed it up that it will cut my time in half but it never did that once. Most of the time not even close. I am not sure what the formula is but it should be easy to take the amount of time it takes and divide by 2. This gives half.

    If by "speed up" you mean forced march, then you should divide by 1.5 and not 2.
    It was never 2 ever since I'm playing this game.
    Game says if you speed up, you will move 50% faster. That is not the same as getting to your destination in 50% of the time (which would require moving 100% faster).

    I also found that things are not updating correctly and I saw one result from a battle but then a little while later a different result will show up. it was weird I saw that at least four times where I lost armies almost to one troop left and then boom they are back to almost full. it usually happened when I arrived at a location to attack troops and the troops had a question mark and the question mark never went away. there were times I lost all my troops to a province that the question mark never went away so I never saw how many troops I was attacking. I am not sure if it is supposed to do that. I figured once I engage it would show this seemed reasonable.

    Any fortress that is built up above level 1 (1.5+) will hide the troops in it. There could be anything from just 1 infantry or most of enemy forces. That's why reconnaisance is important.

    And it also should be fresh one. If, for example, spy finds out there was just 1 infantry left hidden in fort then that might not be the case anymore many hours later, as enemy may have reinforced. But your info will show the old value for the rest of game day, because it's the best info you've got at that time other than a questionmark.

    But I guess smashing in and seeing if you die or not is a form of reconnaisance in itself. :D

    I also notice that the stats are not updating properly or quickly. I am not sure how quick they are supposed to update but when my game ended it gave me one set up stats while the stats in the awards area, the place that shows my medals, never updated with the same stats.

    That is a known issue. This game has over a decade of history and was not created with such a large userbase in mind so stats have hard time updating due to sheer quantity.
    Don't worry. Stats will update, but will take a while.

    Here is another question I have. I won 1st place in the game but I was in a coalition and the coalition took first place. I did get that reward. My individual score was the highest and well over the 1000 for solo win. Are we not able to win in both categories?

    No, you can't win in both categories. You can't get the solo win in coalition, simply because being in coalition nullifies your status as being solo. Simply having more points in a coalition does not suddenly make you solo.
    You can, hovewer leave the coalition and make you such. In that case no coalition win.

    There were numerous other game mechanic issues as well. I did not log any of them but the ones I mentioned were frequent enough to bring up individually.

    I found the game interesting enough after playing but the mechanics seem to need a lot of work. I spent some money, which is fine, but I do not like spending money when stated mechanics do not work as stated.

    Most of issues you claimed come from you not being familiar with mechanics. Understandable for a first game.
    Apart from statistics updates, if it shows any issues, then it's with Game Manual(<-that's a link) being either ignored or obscure.
    It's also on top bar of this forum between "Dashboard" and "Members"

    You do not know another player's popularity unless he tells you. The number it gives you when selecting a human player's profile is your own global popularity, the average you have among all the AI. It's a little misleading, but that's what it is.

    Nope. You can see your own global popularity only when looking at your own nation. When looking at other players it's specific popularity of their nation toward yours (which may start to matter once that nation goes AI).

    1) Do Battleships and Cruisers have any melee attack value (against subs or infantry)?

    Yes, they do. It is the same as ranged value. The only difference is in ability of opponent to fight back.

    2) If I stack infantry with a sub, do all the units get invisibility? Or should I let subs stacks go solo without infantry?

    No. Other units are visible while stacked submarines stay hidden.
    You should see infantry as troops in transport ships (sailing above subs) and not as extra submarine crew.

    3) Are Battleships worth the cost in time/resources, or will a bunch of Cruisers be better to build?

    Depends on what you need on a particular map, so have to think for yourself there.
    Main advantage of battleships is shooting range, while main advantage of cruisers is speed.

    4) Is using infantry scattered tightly through a waterway a good way to 'mine' for submarines?

    Depends on situation. But I would not even try to do it unless I have no other means of fighting submarines while having way too much infantry. Submarine can kill a lot of infantry before sinking.

    Looks like it might have gone straight to starting units/buildings in production queue. If there were any, they would launch as soon as you got enough resources for them.
    You would not be the first one who forgets about queue.

    Looks like you are most likely dealing with old intel (it reveals armies at particular point in time) while fighting against high level fort (it hides troops). Chances are that the area was reinforced while you were not watching and you are fighting more than you think you are.

    Another option is that opponent has used some long range assets against you, like planes or railway guns.

    Something like that already exists on small maps (image added).
    I am not sure if anyone will bother remaking larger existing maps, but naming of sea regions is definitely something I would advise developers to do when they happen to create new maps in future.

    Would be great if people read patchnotes carefully before doing anything and getting surprised and disappointed.

    • A bug was fixed that prevented disembarked land units from escaping the battle with sea units.

    It basically says that is for infantry ON LAND (this is what disembarked means) vs ships ON SEA near that land.

    What was different about the old map that would make it worth bringing back?

    Actually a 85 player map.

    Basically like current 100p, but not having some of Pacific and adjacent nations, making it impossible to go around the world (somewhat like smaller maps currently) and basically fighting in a constrained rectangle.

    It was basically created as such at first, because game initially lacked ability to loop the map smoothly, and changed to current 100p once that functionality had been implemented.

    Map itself has nothing to offer gameplay-wise compared to current map. Not something I'd enjoy at least.
    Only thing I could see is that if you like it to be more linear so like naval combat being forced to connect Americas and AfroEurasia through Atlantic (as Pacific is unavailable).
    Some players like to bruteforce one direction and not be worried about their behind, but IMO that feels like a downgrade.

    I was under the impression that if you are at war any troops that cross paths will auto-engage.

    Is that incorrect for submarines?

    Yes, troops that cross paths will engage if at war.
    However they have to see each other to do so.
    Submarines on their own are incapable of detecting each other, and therefore have to rely on detection by other means.
    Such as spies, fighter patrols above and plain old detection while enemy sub is in combat with something else.

    1. How did my submarines get past this enemy sub?

    Nothing surprising. If submarines can't see each other, they will not engage.

    2. Is it possible that my spy revealing this sub earlier (bottom right) "tricked" me?

    There is no "tricking" per se, but relying on old intel while assuming it's fresh, can get yourself tricked.

    3. Can you use submarines to sneak past enemy submarines? I thought they auto-attacked when they met at sea.

    I think you got your answer already. As long as they don't detect each other you easily can.

    You can do that through a diplomatic menu, where all the nations are listed with their diplomatic relations.
    Find a nation you want to embargo, click your relation and change it.

    I can not say anything conclusive about the first paragraph without seeing the game myself, but mobile players are usually online more often. They can take their phones to many places, including bed, and also get notifications from both game and friends (if any on the map).
    Also usually when you have less online presence than opponent, it may feel like they are online all the time, while really they are online just a bit more than you.

    In regards to second, it's just how the game works.
    You are not supposed to see literally the whole path a unit is ordered to take, unless you have shared maps with a particular nation.

    Just in case it is of interest to the players who'd like to see insane speed maps on public servers: we play 100x rounds on christmas and other special occasions on our testservers. While it is quite fun (especially if you have a cold beer while playing with your colleagues) it is also quite literally insane. At 100x not only does combat between large stacks resolve in minutes, you also quite literally can't go afk, ever. If you join 3mins late, the market in the early game is completely drained. You also quite literally need more than one person playing the same account to properly move your troops at that speed.

    It is fun because of how wild it is, but it is no way suited as a serious game mode.

    How do I join if possible? And how do I bring friends?
    Would probably not play anything like this on regular basis, but once a year or two would be cool. :D