What to do when an entire alliance seems suspect

  • I am currently in a 500 match, and I have encountered something which for me is novel. An alliance account pushing.

    The big issue is that I cannot prove it. It just doesn't look right. Players responding instantaneously when communicating with another player, an alliance operating as if they were one. On a good day, being in an alliance can be like herding cats. It's darn difficult.

    Then, these guys are grouped together, at a choke point on the map. Adjacent to each other. The two active players are sending ALL of their troops out, leaving no one at home to defend. Ok, that can happen.

    I make an agreement with one play, and suddenly, an adjacent player of the same coalition reacts immediately, as if running in real time. The level of command and control is off the charts.

    So, I think to myself, these two guys...Perhaps they are just well coordinated. One of whom I had been communications with for a substantial period of time. No need to worry about his integrity. Mind you, on day 9, these guys are steam rolling. Seriously, I would love to know how they do it.

    I communicated with one of the small players, though active in game. His English started off pigeon, broken, stilted. Then radically improved in a few messages. Speaking with cultural contractions of speech. Sorry buster, but you're dodgy.

    Then, I started to look at the other players of the alliance. As I said, I cannot prove anything. But things are not lining up. Matches played, rounds won, it's odd. As though the whole alliance was just the one person.

    I feel frustrated by this. I have suspicions. I suspect that if one or two players get booted, the others remain to gain the proceeds of the lost players.

    This is all so frustrating for me.

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  • so, with this, i recommend creating, and sending a game report from the report a bug option in the settings. please ensure to include plenty of detail in the process

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