Dissapearing units without a reason

  • Yesterday morning I had 10 BBs and 4 CAs (in one unit, waiting) and my big army of 164 inf units was on the sea nearby and was on move, ordered to join ships. Area was covered by railroad gun and two fighters. I checked the situation three hours after and there was nothing...just the sea. I found articles related to my province, and no record about being destroyed (anyway this huge army shouldn't be able to be destroyed in such a short time) I checked the field reports and again, nothing.

  • Ahrcanne

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  • In this case please use the ingame "report a bug" function. It's the fastest and easiest way our support staff can take a look at your case and try to find the origin of this problem.

    Please include as many details as possible, so they know exactly what to investigate.


  • Hello Slyx, of course first of all, before I post my claim here, I made a trouble ticket - with all info, number of current game etc. Till today ZERO reaction. After more than 90 days building navy which might protect my land units and support them to conquer the enemy´s coastal provinces, I can start from the beginning. ... unfair, annoying...and because this is second trouble ticket I have made in last two weeks (first was about lagging in the same game), I really doubt Bytro is taking care about players, they are only focused to harvesting our money.