[NRPU] 1860 Onwards Roleplay

  • 1860 Onwards Alternate History Roleplaying Round

    For the sake of having a relatively casual roleplay round and as an opportunity to introduce new, or inexperienced players into the roleplaying community, I would like to introduce this roleplay round once more. Anyone is free to join regardless of experience, and no sample articles are necessary. All you need to do is tell me your in-game name and what country you request.

    This RP concept was originally created by Elan Thompson, with help by CowSaysRawr, Phil-Santoni, and LightningTurk.

    Landswap Map:

    1 day in game represents 1 Season (3 Months), so 4 days is 1 year. The game will start in Winter of 1860.
    Winter- (December, January, February)
    Spring- (March, April, May)
    Summer- (June, July, August)
    ll- (September, October, November)

    Aggressive Expansion Rules

    The AE system is designed to maintain diplomatic order and control the rate of expansionist players.

    Aggressive Expansion drops by 5 for all nations, every 5 days, and stops at 0 AE. If you are at war for more than 3 years (6 days), the AE cooldown is negated for you until peace.

    +40 Aggressive Expansion IS THE LIMIT: anything above triggers a coalition war.

    Coalition War: Nations Around you will forcibly cut you down to size, and must take an amount of provinces equal to zero your AE amounts.

    +30 AE gained for revolting or declaring independence from your overlord.

    +20 AE gained for joining someone's offensive war. Defensive wars do not have an AE penalty.

    +20 AE gained for breaking peace period. Peace Periods must last at least 5 years.

    +10 AE gained for declaring war on a country.

    +5 AE gained for taking a province, for both sides of the war. (if you take someone's province, and he takes it back, you both gain 5 AE)

    -20 AE for granting independence to a vassal state.

    -Anything under 3 provinces is vassalized if it loses a war and is an active player.

    -If a nation is inactive, it loses its provinces normally as per the AE rules.

    There is further information beyond the general rules and landswap map, along with a detailed nation list with diplomatic relationships.

    Players interested in joining this RP can feel free to apply by following the link below to the associated community discord for it:


    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

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    The New Roleplayers Union Discord is linked to the Banner. Feel free to drop by and say hello 8)