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  • so, harbors have no actual effect on the health of a Naval unit. Naval units heal a Percentage of their lost health every day change, anywhere they are. so if lets say your Cruiser is at 10% health, i would Hide it away deep in the naval space that i control, and just ignore it for a few days, and move it occasionally so its location isn't exact if spys are in play

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  • All units heal at day change > organic units (Infantry and Calvary) have morale healing at 1/7th (14.28%) the difference in current morale and province morale, they must be in home province > Mechanical units have condition and heal at 1/7th (14.28%) the difference in current condition and 100%, only planes must be in home province to heal.

    Only thing you might want to do with mechanical units is to have them resting 'not engaged in combat' at day change to ensure they are not taking damage and can heal the stated 14.28%, ships do not have to be in a harbor to heal, this is mis-information.


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