Playing with friends

  • Is it against the rules if someone joins a 100 player map with friends (or family) and all of them join the same coalition to team on everyone? I have this happening to me in a game right now, and it's incredibly difficult to compete with people who are all right next to each's the same advantage as one person on several accounts.

  • I've sent a report to the support page ingame, with screenshots of their names, their coalition, and even them saying proudly in the newspaper that they're brothers. They have a hugely unfair advantage since they can move troops for three countries without any coordination at all. It's the same as one person using resources from three accounts to attack anyone in their way

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  • That's unfortunate, it's incredibly difficult to deal with a large group that all coordinate like one person. Three people have almost identical names, all in the same coalition, and only one of them talk for all three

  • Oh wait they ARE cheating, thank you, I'll take a screenshot of the third option under account pushing to send along with my current report. One of them is huge while the other two are smaller, just blocking others from him and sending all their troops against me

  • Another question is, does a report filed against players help with the current round, or does it just stop them from doing it in the future? I'm fine either way since I'd be fine losing the round if I know they won't be able to sacrifice for each other in another game

  • Okay thanks! That'll make all of us in the game feel better. They aren't just doing that, but they're also being toxic about it and getting on everyone's nerves. I wish there was a way to mute a players newspaper posts because some of the things they're posting are just downright rude

  • It's all good now. I basically convinced one of their allies to double cross them and now were first and they're struggling, so I guess deception can be a good strategy