It just doesn’t seem to load

  • So I am on mobile on browser just saying, I don’t have the app. When I click the link from the internet and it takes me to that loading screen you get when trying to get in a game but I was trying to get to the lobby not to a game and I waited there for like 10 minutes but it just kept loading I restarted the phone and safari thinking it was just a one time issue but it didn’t stop

  • And by the way it’s still me how do you log

    Into the forum on mobile

  • The game won’t load for me either, it won’t even get to the home page. I use the app, but I also tried logging in on Safari and Chrome browsers and had the same problem on both of them.

  • hello. if anyone is experiencing this issue, could you please contact either me, or another moderator. thanks.

    you can find me in the game via the rankings page, or through the official S1914 discord. if you can, feel free to send me a conversation here in the forum as well

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