Unfair attack/defence

  • I have been attacking an area from land and sea for over an hour now. The territory shows 2 cavalry and a infantry unit occupying it. I have one ship and 47 infantry units attacking but so far I’ve lost 27 infantry units to their 1. How is that possible. I even left attacking with my infantry for almost an hour after my ship starting attacking. How is that possible?

  • Looks like you are most likely dealing with old intel (it reveals armies at particular point in time) while fighting against high level fort (it hides troops). Chances are that the area was reinforced while you were not watching and you are fighting more than you think you are.

    Another option is that opponent has used some long range assets against you, like planes or railway guns.

  • Nope not the first time this game it’s happened so kept it on and watched it.