Why fire mods are changing to default without host user interaction

  • Hello,

    it happened to 2 members of my team today that withot our interaction our artilleries on the offensive mode where switched to default regular mode

    now my qquesiton is simple- if bytro guys enter yoru account looking for any traces or cheatign or breaking the rules, does their visit on yoru account reset fire modes o all range units to default?

    I would be glad for serius answer , otherwise we wil lahve to assume our oppoonents have a exploit allowing tem to switch our fire mods

    Thank you


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  • i do not think so

    we were fighting on the foreign server and all 3 of us had a same problem on the same day

    we were called multiaccoutns by locals and reported several times

    doesnt look like coincidence when it happens to 3 players from same coaltion, fightign local coalition

    can GOs still log in into users countries and see what is happening on the account?