New to Supremacy 1914; Can a veteran of this game explain some mechanics to me?

  • First of all, love the game. Coming from a background of playing Civ & Travian at a high level, I can appreciate the work and effort that went into making this game pleasurable and as balanced as possible. Which is why it makes sense that you have to wait until specific dates to be able to build specific types of technology. This brings me to my first question:

    I am currently on day 6 on my second game. The first one seemed to follow by all the rules and everything, but this second one is confusing me. I believe artillery is a very important part of having an offensive striking force (and even for defense), so I like to get a few out as quickly as possible when I can, however factories can't be built until day 8, correct?

    I'm currently playing on a map, my brother and I joined together, both of us on day 6, and yet East Libya, another player, already has artillery on day 6. I used to play Travian, and in that game, servers started at a specific time, and players who joined late got a little boost, but it was always best to join in the beginning stages if you wanted to be a true contender for the WW.

    Anyways, is this the case with Supremacy 1914? Are different instances of the game launched on a schedule, and do players line up to get spots or something? Did Libya just start 2 days before me? I'm very confused.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I think you are playing a tutorial. First game for a new player, they get 20 infantery in every province and 1 artillerie to practice a liitle bit with this new mechanic.

    In normal games factories can only be build from day 8, so artillerie also from that day. Only explanation is that the player is new to this game and is playing his/her first game.

    If it is correct you als got an artillerie in your first game.