[NRPU] The European Contest

  • [NRPU] The European Contest

    This Roleplay was developed Lucas Moss, with some contributions from Home Zero | Lord Reehaw of Carolina and LethalLegume,creative input from SometimesJeck, and chosen via the support and backing from the members of the New Roleplayers Union: NRPU Discord

    The setting of this roleplay is a historical start in the late 16th Century, and to immerse yourself in the setting here is a riveting introduction to the scenario as authored by Lucas Moss himself:

    The year is 1570, and it has been nearly 80 years since Christopher Columbus had made his fateful journey to the New World. While he wasn't the first, he would be renowned for his journey. Now, the Spanish and Portuguese hold domain in this New World, with the Treaty of Tordesillas defining the spheres of influence between them. Only time will tell when competition will arise for the Spanish in the New World, with most European major powers still having yet to invest in the New World.

    Elsewhere in Europe, other significant events would play out during the century. Sultan Suleiman of the Ottoman Empire would expand the Ottoman domain north, only to be stopped at Vienna. With his death in 1566, Selim II now takes his place as Sultan. The Polish and Lithuanian thrones have come to together in a formal union known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    In the 1520's, a German priest by the name of Martin Luther would become a catalyst for the Reformation, which has become a major issue within the borders of the Holy Roman Empire, with the Papacy's grasp beginning to loosen across Europe as a result. With the rise of Protestantism to such a wide extent, wars of religion would spur across Western Europe, with France, the Netherlands, and the Holy Roman Empire being major fronts.

    The Spanish and Ottoman Empires have begun to prosper thanks in part to their expansion; the rest of Europe would soon take note of this. With colonial imperialism reaching its peak, the European contest for dominance has begun.

    Additional Details:
    Unique Colonial Mechanics
    Piracy, the Reformation, the HRE, and More!

    A Unique Tech System
    The States of the Late 16th Century, Fleshed out with Interesting Historical Flavor and Content!

    Lucas Moss's General Rules For The European Contest Roleplay

    - The use of multiple accounts is prohibited

    - Usage of the Goldmark (an in-game currency) is prohibited.

    - 4 Hours in Real Life is equal to 1 Month in the Roleplay, and 2 Days IRL is 1 Year in RP

    - The rules are made to be abided by, and not to be broken and/or loopholed around. If a rule is broken whether directly or indirectly via loophole, the result will be either a warning, a punishment, or removal from the round, depending on the severity of the rule break

    - At the discretion of the admins, these rules are subject to change, but it is still recommended to abide by all rules as they are at present

    - Out of Character lands (OOC lands), which are the lands within any red boundaries, exist merely as both: 1. Economic support for smaller nations in the RP. 2. As means to preserve an in-game nation's playability when a former player of that nation leaves the RP for whatever reason

    - Unless you have units over tech limit that you want to be removed, or you are sending units to fight from overseas, make sure that your land units stay bound to the land at all times, and leave naval superiority to actual naval units

    - Have respect for the other RPer's, and do not god-RP, troll, or metagame. Also, make sure you understand the rules of the RP before you join. You may also ask questions if you forgot something or you are confused by a rule's meaning.

    - Meta, exploit 'tactics' are prohibited from use. Here are some examples of these 'tactics': -
    - Meat-Shielding (stacking land units and naval units in the same stack)
    - Stack-Splitting (splitting a smaller force from stack of units to pull attention from the larger stack)
    - Flowering (splitting a stack into several smaller units to drastically raise strength)
    - Lemmings (sending smaller stacks to attack a fort to destroy it efficiently)
    - Hit-&-Run (bombarding an enemy to then disengage quickly to prevent bombardment in return) If it is a meta tactic that a player can use to their full advantage, it's most likely not allowed.

    - Neither the Panama nor Suez Canal are allowed for use in this RP, as neither have been made at this point. This may be enforced in-game.

    - The paths in the sea between your coastline and the nearest sea dots (not including the dots themselves) are considered your national waters. If a foreign shipment is found in these waters without the permission of the national government, they may be warned by the nation in question. 1 hour after the warning is issued, if the ship has not left, they may be bombarded without an IC war.

    - If a nation with OOC territories loses all of its IC provinces, the OOC provinces will be given to an admin nation.

    - Only intelligence and counter-espionage spies may be used. Using sabotage spies will result in penalties.

    - Any abuse of admin abilities will not be tolerated; appropriate punishment will be applied.

    The Current In-Character European Contest Landswap Map:

    The Below Nations are Currently Open for Application:

    Electorate of Cologne

    The Electoral Palatinate Duchy of Bavaria
    Most Serene Republic of Venice
    Five Civilized Tribes
    Eyalet of Yemen
    Ajuran Empire
    Alliance of the Four Oirats

    Kazakh Khanate
    Khanate of Bukhara
    Yarkent Khanate
    Vijayanagara Empire

    Tsangpa KingdomKingdom of Lan Xang
    Ayutthaya Kingdom

    Kingdom of Cambodia
    Ashikaga Shogunate
    Kingdom of Champa

    If you are interested in joining this Roleplaying Round, pr assisting in performing starting Landswap, please join the discord server for this RP. there is an official application process with further rules within: The European Contest Discord

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