HP regeneration?

  • how does this wok?

    my unit seems to be not regenerating on newly captured city,

    - why is regeneration is sooooooo ssllllooooooowwww?

    - does regeneration have to do with morale of the city?

    - does the army/unit have to be in/on the city to regenerate?

    why is AI units move very fast? without penalties to their HPs?

    i have 4 arty bombarding and 127 inf + 3 Heavy tank moving for attack, normal speed,

    im attacking a lvl V fort with 1 AI inf defender and 3 AI units moving very past to reinforce it, AI moving fast with out HP penalty.

    it catches up, reinforced the fort, after a 30-40 min battle i lost 4 inf and the hp of my tank was reduced along with my infantry.

    why is this?

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  • For your first question, Yes it has everything to do with morale. Once (someone plz correct me if I'm wrong) you get a province over 70% (morale) your gonna see optimal increase of morale, per unit, per day change. It increases by 14.28% at day change. For the second, on enemy territory your units have a speed penalty, where there's a speed boost for moving on friendly territory aka (yours/allies) so I would say that's likely what your seeing.

  • In Supremacy 1914, unit regeneration occurs automatically over time for units stationed in a city or province you control.

    The rate of regeneration can be affected by factors such as unit type, technology upgrades, and the presence of specific buildings or resources.

    The morale of a city or province can influence the rate of unit regeneration. Higher morale levels may result in faster regeneration.