Southeast Asia Start country Balancing

  • Okay first I'm a new player so may be way off here but.

    Joined a Southeast Asia 15 player game, said there was only one other player joined when I did.

    Didn't realize that you were randomly assigned a country and didn't get to choose or I probably wouldn't have joined.

    Anyways got assigned Siam (Thailand) and was like cool at first, then when I started really checking things out realized that

    A) couldn't come close to meeting the basic resource requirements for the country as it is at start.

    B) there are no neutral AI provinces/countries on it's border that could be attacked to try and solve at least some of it's resource problems

    C) despite showing only one other player had already joined all the bordering countries for Siam were filled by players and not unassigned/AI managed.

    Essentially Siam because of the resources given it Has to go to war immediately or else die for lack of resources and it's only options for going to war are with other players and will require leaving itself wide open to other players on it's border while they try taking on someone that is most likely in a stronger starting position in terms of resources and numbers of borders with other players.

    For me this makes it unplayable as I see no legitimate way to survive unless I managed to make an alliance with 2-3 other countries immediately at game start which seems unlikely in a 15 player game.

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  • You should increase the resources

    with ports and railroads first.

    And it would help boost morale with Goldmark

    This would also help ports and railroads.

    Actually no problem with this card

    Most cards have a similar situation

    Then there is a problem in your financial commitment

  • Sorry I understand about building Railroads and Ports, they are big part of the reason I'm in 1st place on my tutorial map.

    Siam doesn't have the resources at start to build either and telling someone they lack financial commitment to purchase GM so they can then use it to buy what they need just to keep a basic start position from going under immediately is not a good answer to the basic problem that, at least in my opinion, Siam is not properly balanced as a starting player position.