Best Strategy guide for beginners only

  • 1. choose a country have border with sea, AI and 1 player ( preferred country : morocco, arab, greenland.)

    Build up:

    Day 1= build recruitment office and work shop lvl 1 at each province, build fort at border of player only, dont build barrack first, keep resources in hand, buy some wood to reach resource upto 20k if possible

    3. Day 2= build harbor at 2 province where u can get benefit of 33% resource hike

    4. Day 5 = build 1 railway at any double energy resource province, else not required.

    5. Day 8 to day 14= this is the most crucial period, choose at least 4 province including 2 province of harbor, build factory upto lvl 4, this needs total iron=10k, wood=10k, oil=10k, coin=40k, build anyway, as u can. this helps 33% resource hike as well as quick production of units,

    during day 10, cost of all resources become down, so buy resources after day 10, plan accordingly. buy resources upto price 8 per unit. if high then wait for 30 mins again. after factory lvl 1, continue to produce cruise and artillery (never stop), the most efficient and economic in this game,


    1. must aware from human player, if someone attack then use gold coin to build fort immediately and put units more than attacking units( defend 10 units by 11 or more ),,, remember always defend or attack with extra units

    2. defending unit from coast is super easy, during disembarking time (1 hr 5mins) put same number of ur units at same point just before embarking, in sea all land units have 30% strength


    For AI: Attack first by cruise (atleast 4 number) at any one or more province, Benifit: units come to sea and become weak as well as u get 45 mins time for their embarking, then attack with artillery (4 atleast) at fort keep ur units in front of artillery,

    For Player : talk to them, talk to them, talk to them.....find their time of reply, if not reply then probably he is busy, during 3 or 4 days chalk out the common gap of reply time. if gap more than 6 or 7 hours then probably that is his sleeping time, attack during that time, congrats bro...u break the bone

    Some important tips:

    1. capturing empty province: when time remaining to capture or attack on enemy land is below 6 mins ( say 5:59) push force move button, it turns to instant attack or capture, it save ur 6 mins time,

    2. in market wood, fish, coal are cheaper, so make them high consumable in "resources" and buy them from "market"

    3. most player attack from land, dont do that, attack from sea,

    4. plan for 4 province initially ( at beginning) to build harbor, factory, barrack, rail, air field.....all....give priority to build factory level 4

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