READ BEFORE POSTING: Biglist and Guide

  • Rules

    Below you'll find the biglist off previous suggested ideas. In order to keep the process of idea creation structured, which increases the chance of an idea being picked up, we have set a list of guidelines. Ideas that do not follow these guidelines will be asked to edit or will be closed.

    1) After a few weeks of discussion you can request that your thread is to be polled. A Moderator will then upon your request create a poll for you. If the moderators feel that the discussion has died out they will propose that a poll is started. They have the freedom to create the poll them self and close the thread.

    2) Make sure that your idea is unique. Check the great list to find out wheter or not your idea has been proposed before. Rejected ideas(1) can be reopened after a year to see if the community opinions have changed. The game and it's community is dynamic and so must the suggestions be.

    3) Please refrain from proposing more then one idea per thread. This way dedicated on-topic discussions can be done on your idea. If you have multiple ideas, then please create multiple threads. Threads containing radical different ideas will be asked to split.

    (1) Ideas that did not win the voting

  • The Biglist

    approval name post keywords
    none yet Military and economic
    Player of month/week Medal, ribbon, award, month, military, economic
    none yet premium bonus boost, war, production, economy, bonus
    none yet Map editor edit map, customize, creation, RP
    implemented Forum homepage button forum, button, home, main page
    none yet additional filter options province view building queue, province view, selection
    none yet Adding terrain Terrain, tactic, warfare, mountains
    none yet Coalition view Coalition view, option
    none yet Confirmation for GM spending GM, confirmation, window
    none yet Remove double plane timing Plane description overloaded planes, plane, time, arrival, refuel
    none yet Split spy reports per day/country This game really needs a special menu for spying reports. spy, spies, day, country, list
    none yet Keep notes on players Notes on players within client players, notes, notepad, list
    none yet Button to clear all messages Clearing messages clear, messages, select, all
    none yet Log-out button Mobile Missing log-out button Mobile, logout, log-out, button
    none yet Battle experience Battle experience for units Unit, xp, exp, experience, units, stat, stats
    none yet
    Unit K/D for spies Unit K/D for spies unit, k/d, kdr, spies, k/d spies, kdr spies