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    Now, the server does this lets say every minute, so you have a window of a minute to run in, manually shoot, and run away.

    If you want to reduce the shoot and scoot window down to 30 seconds, you have to double the server update rate from every 60 seconds to 30 seconds. That'll be 100,000 queries every 30 seconds now, so 200,000 every minute. Effectively doubling it.

    I kinda disaggree with this the server could check if the enemy army "on shoot command" has arty (or other ranged units) to retaliate and automatically issue a retaliate decision. This would not need to be looped it should just get a flag "if they fired on me.... then I must have been in range to fire back"...

    The big list should contain all links to those archived threads. The idea why I created the big list was to keep active discussions on top while inactive discussions are archived but thanks to a list would be easily retraceable without cluttering up the view of the missing features

    Though the link you give is a supremacy1 thread I made the biglist of supremacy1914

    It is super wired, look, I don't have HC, but sometimes, I just can upload color pictures to the newspaper.

    Bytro should fix this, they lost the money.

    Actually posting images was a non HC featured turned HC (it had been high command prior to 2014 but in the period 2014-2016/2017 it wasn't anyhow it was made HC due to some users uploading the wrong type of images. Sadly another decision to harm the majority of users because a small minority doesn't know how to behave....

    Actually what he means is the next:

    Some nations upload black and white others dont, now I agree that defautl it should be black and white. But and that case colored pics is a bug rather then a how did they do it.

    for these examples the following is true. The pictures which are not black and white are profile pictures (have the same with my own profile picture.

    That is so far the only thing I could figure out why some pictures are color and the others aren't.

    First if you had the server data and purchase data or had simply played a lot of games you should realize that people sometimes spend $100 or $200 on GM in a normal game with normal rewards.

    I think for some players this is evena small amount...

    The reasons for GM usage vary. The small spenders do it to make up for not being online at day change (built aht lvl 1 factory at day 8 without the 12 hours delay of you still being asleep) The really heavy spenders...

    There used to be a qoute of Emperor Charles V that I find very fitting. I'll paraphrase as I can't find it back. But apparently Charles V wanted the conquistadors in South AMerica to be more civil to the locals. One of those conquistadors answered.
    "Why would the spanish come to the new world if it was not to be superior to the locals?"

    Same counts with GM ffree adn GM usage games. if you have GM free games all free users would most likely stick on them. the GM users would have to be dropped int he GM usage games. But when you paying no longer gives you the advantage over a ton of free users... why would you still pay?

    Even more funny as GO back int he days we even got reports already of payers being outpayed and mad that they were outpayed demanding refund xd. That alone shows some of them are only willing to pay if they get the advantage over the others.

    Trade embargo ONLY means you can't have any trade (e.g provinces, units, relationships, resources) with other nations.

    Buying or selling resources on stock market have no effect on this. There is nothing in the game that can actually affect the stock market. This means, whatever you do, you are always able to sell and buy resources through the stock market. There is no way you can't do it.

    It's the other way around. Direct trades are still working just fine. The stockmarket will have the trade embargod nations crossed out.

    Now before we talk about the "magical AI" lets first consider the "start upAI offers"?
    Every player nation on the map starts with a few AI buy/sell options on the market that are not linked to a nation and are solely visible for them. The prices are based on your start regions rescources. This does mean if you didn't buy those offers early game you can end up seeing them late game when the regular AI and players sell for way more expansive (or buy way cheaper) and still trade with those start up offers. It is a mechanic introduced to as far as I know have the stockmarket working from day 1.

    As those offers are personal for you, you don't need to be scared somebody else would buy it. And the others don't see the offers so this behavior explained above can happen.

    (though I'm talking S1914 but I'm assumign S1 will be more of less the same, taken it's basically a CoWified copy)

    In my signature there is a link to the general support form. I am assuming here that you are able to get to the main website. This link can also be gotten by going to the main website, scroll down to the bottom, click support

    It's indeed just server delay time if you reload it will be there instantly the server just hasn't notified your client side that the construction is done. So either indeed till the server side notifies your client side, or reload and you'll see them.

    This is btw the same server delay time that enables regular SnS.

    BB's can stillbe named (for now...) Bytro just defeaturized supremacy (as they often do) so they no longer show up in bombardement or even in the regular unit view as they should... Next Revamp consider Naming Units gone as that's how revamps work...