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    The building queue tries to follow the list in the order you created it. Meaning the building you built first has higher priority then the one you added last. Reordering the list changes it's priority settings which means it can start building as it was otherwise waiting for resources for the higher priority building. Are you certain your issue isn't with the priority the buildign list uses rather then not having the resources?

    Has this issue already been resolved? At times the game servers have issues usually it resolves itself in a matter of minutes/hours if it's not the case please send in a support ticket

    The game grants everybody some start up offers based on your nation and economy.

    when buying these start up offers they are not replaced so from that point onwards you only trade nation with nation so at that point you both should see the same offers.

    fortresses are built in semi levels it can happen that the battle already damage a semi level of the fortress. I don't know exactly but a fortress is at least divided in 2 semi levels so after 12 hours construction of half a level is done, this can from that point onwards be damaged.speeding up the last 3 hours should have given you another half level in that case.

    Regardless when asking for refunds you'll need to send in a support ticket (support link is in my signature below). Preferable with printscreens of the situation before and after. Even though the before is rather impossible to make. But when sending in a ticket the MA can take a look at it, Don't forget to add the game number in your ticket

    You can PM me about Forum actions you do not need to chat there are other ways to contact me e.g. pm on the forum, PM on the game page or even email or the support ticket.

    About the ban in your map I already replied:

    If you feel treated unfairly you move it up the ranks of the crew. As this is the championship I advice to take it up to Whitetiger81

    Further more do not remove edits from moderators. Please follow the game rules, I have locked your above post from editing due to you editing out my warning.

    Dear users,

    It has come to my attention that something has happened in game which angers some of you. Let me be clear that the forum rules do not allow discussing bans/cheats or blacklisting users in anyform. If you guys decide to do that you will eventually receive a forum ban thanks to the infraction system.

    Further more I'd like to stress that banning users in game for exploiting bugs is one of the functions of the Game Operators and as such has little to do with the Championship. If you feel treated unfairly you move it up the ranks of the crew. As this is the championship I advice to take it up to Whitetiger81. You can also contact me if you have questions about deleted posts on the forum.

    As reference to the broken rules in this thread I'll now give the forum rule numbers which can be found back on the forum rule page.

    I.1.d. Denouncing users/players

    I.2.c Denouncing users calls for spam

    I.2.n Criticism and reviews remain in the feedback section, critic on bans and moderatorial actions follow the chain of command.

    II.10. Following moderator instructions

    III.1 Moderators have the right to give infraction points when you disagree with a given warning you contact the Smod, myself

    III.5 Disatisfaction on moderatorial decisions are taken to private and discusses with the moderator or his superior.

    This is a trimmed down list. All forum rules apply. As the Championship is hosted on the EN server it is subject to the EN rules and guidlines and as such are the participants. Failure to abide to these guidelines will result in temporary or permanent removal from the forum.

    If you have more questions feel free to contact me in private here on the forum/through email or through the support system and I'll reply as soon as possible. I have no connection to the organizers of the world cup other then my forum duties as moderator so I am more or less neutral in this discussion. As Senior moderator it is also my task to guard the quality of moderatorial actions taken.

    As final note I would like to state that this forum language is English. Breaking this rule while knowing you break it will result in a warning which may lead to a temporary ban. I'm always willing to discuss constructivly so feel free to contact me but just breaking the rules for the sake of breaking the rules is far from constructivly nor problem solving. If you distrust me then the chain of command from this point onwards goes:

    Whitetiger81 [MA]
    Ikkeenniem [CC]

    Any new rulebreak in this thread or the creation of new threads to complain will result in closure/deletion and the giving of an infraction point.

    Yours sincerely,

    I have also corrected the mod who replied, he must have been confused on how to do it. Nevertheless it is possible. If you managed to do so please state so then we'll close this thread.

    As GM cannot be transfered between accounts this remark serves no Purpose. Please do not troll the alliance section of the forum. This thread is reserved for alliances seeking people and people seeking alliance. Offtopic comments can be made elsewhere.