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    I do agree as a 'Nederlander' that Maastricht being part of Belgium is painfull to watch

    I do not play this game or know what setting bytro tries to create but if it's WWI then nope no Maastricht in Belgian hands if it's 1830 the entire province of Limburg except the fortress in Maastricht were Belgian. officially dutch limburg was 'given' to the dutch in 1839. But I always thought Supremacy1 is WWI and then you guys are 100% right

    Sorry to hear this Narmer. Though I am not surprised. It was a pleasure dealing with you and hope to see you bouncing around on these boards even after the transition.

    That is doubtfull, I have always loved working for the community as Senior Moderator. I have however grown distantiated from S1914. Moderation was basically the only reason why I kept logging in. A sense of responsibility towards the community. It is no secret I haven't played a competitive match in months and even RPing I have only few times joined.

    Even though I still feel that responsibility towards community and crew. There are reasons why I can no longer continue my work inside it. And at that point you must draw conclusions. I will miss this place and it will be hard to replace it with another goal to achieve. I might show up every ones in a while but that wont last long if I have no commitments left to S1914 or Bytro.

    I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm not really surprised.. This is a great loss for the community and S1914.

    All good things come to an end. A new generation will stand up to continue the work.

    To all others thanks for the great words!

    Dear users, Community,

    In the recent months, and especially the last few weeks. I have been at arguments with Bytro. These arguments reached an all-time high recently and we (Arconian, Akiar and myself) decided that there was no room for improvement as the mutual respect and trust are no longer in place. With the lack of the mutual respect and trust, no other conclusion could be drawn then that I am no longer capable to work for this team in the current setup.

    Why do I create this post? I am the person who created a lot of crew posts, as such many people contact me directly with their issues. The posts need to be transfered and will be transfered during the following weeks. I will keep the forum rank of Senior Moderator during this transistion. But I effectively as of yesterday hold no more jurisdiction over the EN crew. If you have questions feel free to contact the EN crew (see link below)

    Since October 2015 I had been Moderator for this community I have done that job with a lot of joy. The EN community is and always has been my favorite community. You guys are the reason I held on this long. I would like to thank you guys for the wonderfull years we've had. I will disappear from Supremacy as a whole soon but I'm certain you guys will hold the fort for many more years.

    Yours sincerely,

    He isn't complaning about poor performance, which is indeed a problem in S1914. He's saying the revamp views sucks due to its bad design, specially regarding units because it is harder to tell where exactly a unit is, what exactly is it doing and it's harder to click it.

    Then I misunderstood the complain I read it as him not having WebGl. Which to my knowledge is a requirement for S1914. (not certain Alkyonor might be able to confirm that). But as I dont play S1 I can not judge anything from its view.

    I do not play S1 (and am not team member for this game) However I can try to answer what I'd answer in S1914.

    WebGL is a requirement for the game. Most browser are capable of using it. And when installed well it speeds up and makes the game less laggy. (S1 Might still be in a beta stage where S1914 has been and then it lags regardless).

    However WebGL is used because most laptops have some sort of general processing unit (GPU). Either it's internal in your CPU that it does the calculation or it uses a true GPU. So it does try to use the calculation strength of those units. In most cases in S1914's early days the issues were linked to missing drivers on the users PC. But this is guesses I'm taking. You can best send in a support ticket to the team and they can help you further. The support ticket already gives the team more information and if they require even more they will ask you.

    Your anger is understandable and I will pass it on. The main reason such button does not exist is actually because according to our game designers and marketing guys such pop up would annoy more then that accidently spending annoys.

    Such pop ups would have to be used to frequently when doing stuff e.g. speeding up buildings you speed up 12hours at a time if you need to speed up 2 days you'd be met with 4 times this pop up. Making true spending annoying which they from a marketing perspective find a bad idea.

    This is the reasoning why such button does not exist and is not planned. I do however argue you could make a settings option whether or not you want such comfirmation button

    Arcorian   Akiar  

    For me personally the air units have always been wonky(bugged 'featured') but I'm fairly sure our Heads of Customer Services are willing to help you out.

    What I do know of them is that bombers are mainly to hit ground units and fighters are mainly to defend against bombers which patrol is for. But there are some border cases and 'features' you can use with them that go in to deep for me to know.

    Usually 1 bomber will win vs a single battleship as naval units defend wit 20% of their strength ground units with 10%

    Well the count is just some small indication if ou lose a battleship you also lost a 1000 units a tank brigade also a 1000 units while in reality tank brigades would be smaller then infantry brigades etc. In the RP community we used to count differently depending on unit type and ones even suggested such a change to bytro. But as it's pure to have some sort of figure placed on it so I fear bytro wont find this important enough to change. You do however have a point if you look at army sizes (according to wikipedia)

    German Army 1914: 3.800.000 soldiers
    French Army 1914: 4.000.000 Soldiers

    Russian Army 1914: 6.000.000 Soldiers


    Don't even waste your time discussing your ideas here. It's pointless.

    If I may. The biglist was originally a community attempt to make the ideas more classified easier found etc etc.

    Bytro has not ordered us to do so and does not own that list. We hoped that with a list and with what we wanted to have "approval" ratings that bytro could get a clear view of what the community finds important. I wont deny it bytro has shifted it's development power to Supremacy1. And before that to a Revamp and before that to NWE and before that to... You might also notice I wrote more in this thread then the "added to big list" message which I do in most thread if I have an opinion on the idea. So saying the forum moderators only add a generic reply is wrong...

    If I'm 100% honest in my opinion I do doubt a lot of ideas are even looked at by the devs. But I would like the community to realize we forum moderators are at first user/players and part of the community. So I would like to ask to not put the blame on the messenger. You want to know how many devs I've spoken as moderator and even senior moderator? the number counts to 0, or wait 1 on CoW on its first release day there was 1 in the CoW chat. We have no influence on the game design. Even when they preannounce changes and we tell them stuff they are going to implement is a bad idea they just ignore us as we're the moderation crew not the community so we can't know that the users wouldn't like trade limitations/Auto firing at neutrals /... That's about how much influence we have on policies and gamefeatures.

    You guys as community have a stronger influence then we have so I would say that I wouldn't advice to stop discussing /giving feedback etc as despite the influence and manpower on new ideas being small. If we never discuss them then for certain they wont ever have a chance of showing up. Every ones in a while bytro does implement user suggestions (e.g. cavalry) so then it is handy that when they decide to look at user ideas they can find a list of possibilities that the users suggested.

    The issue seems unrelated to this update could you send in a bugreport ticket, that gives the devs acces to more information then they can see from a forum post. A early issue was that the graphic cards drivers were however not installed correctly so before sending in a bugreport you might want to take a look at those.

    I am attacking a unit that is embarking, already lost one unit and it is still showing the embarking unit has strength of 1.0 >>>> I was taught that units are 1/3 rd strength while disembark and embarking,

    It has always been only when disembarking. When embarkign they are considered 'on land' when disembarking they are considered "In the sea"

    I am interested in using Help chat , Coalition Chat and HQ Chat.

    If someone can tell me how to start procedure of lifting a ban I will be grateful.

    Thank you

    You can do that by contacting me but as stated above that procedure goes faster if we know why you were banned (large chance you will be unbanned, yet protocol demands us to find the logs, so if you provide the right contact to me I can do it faster then go ask every server how it happened)

    no, but is the only one that can solve your problem because the ban comes from S1914, if you go to CoW and ask for chat unban, they'll contact Narmer, which will lead to the same

    Actually my system doesnt indicate Golden Frieeza was banned by EN S1914 crew(recently). Which means you end up in a bureaucratic mill where we need to discover who did the ban. Or would you perhaps know who /which game/which server did the ban Golden Frieeza ? That can speed it up very heavily and allow me to take actions perhaps even today.

    and some feedback from players and community, not from CMs and Teams as I believe there is huge difference between feedback from both groups

    tbh I think the teams gave the same feedback internal as the community is doing right now. We are however a "small part of the community" so usually you guys' have more power in the discussion.

    I played frontline and got no option to voice my opinion or give feedback for anything other than reporting BUGS in the maps... seems the real purpose of frontline pioneers is to work out bugs in maps because it is forgone conclusion that these changes will be taking place

    Best to give feedback on the forum under the frontline pioneer part
    Frontline Pioneers
    you can consider feedback an issue I guess.