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    The issue seems unrelated to this update could you send in a bugreport ticket, that gives the devs acces to more information then they can see from a forum post. A early issue was that the graphic cards drivers were however not installed correctly so before sending in a bugreport you might want to take a look at those.

    I am attacking a unit that is embarking, already lost one unit and it is still showing the embarking unit has strength of 1.0 >>>> I was taught that units are 1/3 rd strength while disembark and embarking,

    It has always been only when disembarking. When embarkign they are considered 'on land' when disembarking they are considered "In the sea"

    I am interested in using Help chat , Coalition Chat and HQ Chat.

    If someone can tell me how to start procedure of lifting a ban I will be grateful.

    Thank you

    You can do that by contacting me but as stated above that procedure goes faster if we know why you were banned (large chance you will be unbanned, yet protocol demands us to find the logs, so if you provide the right contact to me I can do it faster then go ask every server how it happened)

    no, but is the only one that can solve your problem because the ban comes from S1914, if you go to CoW and ask for chat unban, they'll contact Narmer, which will lead to the same

    Actually my system doesnt indicate Golden Frieeza was banned by EN S1914 crew(recently). Which means you end up in a bureaucratic mill where we need to discover who did the ban. Or would you perhaps know who /which game/which server did the ban Golden Frieeza ? That can speed it up very heavily and allow me to take actions perhaps even today.

    and some feedback from players and community, not from CMs and Teams as I believe there is huge difference between feedback from both groups

    tbh I think the teams gave the same feedback internal as the community is doing right now. We are however a "small part of the community" so usually you guys' have more power in the discussion.

    I played frontline and got no option to voice my opinion or give feedback for anything other than reporting BUGS in the maps... seems the real purpose of frontline pioneers is to work out bugs in maps because it is forgone conclusion that these changes will be taking place

    Best to give feedback on the forum under the frontline pioneer part
    Frontline Pioneers
    you can consider feedback an issue I guess.

    Some one posted about new changes in 'Elite AI /bug chat topic', that new price would be minimum of 3.0 and would max/cap at 30.0 any numbers in between should be easy to set, just can not set price at 1.0 anymore. minimum price on stock market is now 3.0

    when typing you can neither start with 1 when trying to type ein 12 that's the issue I got confirmation that bytro is going to fix this as soon as possible so either next update or the one after that.

    have not seen a word about nerfing cavs,arts and planes and as you can imagine someone who uses only cavs, planes or arts should be informed about changes before he losses them in a fight due to dev's changes

    How I've been informed this 'change' slipped in without actually being ment. So thats why it hasn't been announced I'm guessing as it wasn't ment it could be considered a bug (for now) so if you have more information you might want to submit a bug report with concrete values of how it changed.

    Let me back up what Edwylm said. You all may give opinions but you need to do it in a respectfull way else bytro will just shut it down. Most people dislike the current update and I agree with some. If we try to bring that to attention in a respectfull way bytro might do changes ones more to bring the game to a level that we want it to be.

    As moderators we are offcourse 'forced' to enforce the rules even if we agree with the anger that exists in the community but the only way to change is constructive feedback and hopefully bytro listens to the community.

    trade could be limited but right now is just reciculous it was indeed done to "fix" (read workaround) bugs but killing the lone wolf and the RPer at the same time. Why not make resource trade a bit more fairer only ratio's between 1:1 and 1:5 be allowed as I guess this is all about unfair trades but then still people woul dhave work arounds... I'm fairly certain this hits regular users more then it hits cheaters...

    we could ask for the newspaper removal, too complex

    I asked bytro to change the figures to stick figures and just make the game rock paper sissors...

    Now after the jokes... As RPer, and user I can only say I agree with many users here... They effectively killed RPing no more trading no more landshuffline only coalition no more using factories for rent as additional income for small RP nations... Thank you for killing the way of playing that was the reason I was still here.

    They also actively killed any lone wolfe player as he can not trade with random people to fill his needs. He can still fight the best he can but is kinda handicapped due to this.

    On the banning, Bytro either needs to overrule me but as long as you guys keep it civil there wont be bans for giving your opinion. I still believe only with feedback can this game transform for the better. This is the second time bytro changes quite core mechanics that have been this way for years and years... They realize very well it will upset users but I believe they at times underestimate how much it upsets users.