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    Now, the server does this lets say every minute, so you have a window of a minute to run in, manually shoot, and run away.

    If you want to reduce the shoot and scoot window down to 30 seconds, you have to double the server update rate from every 60 seconds to 30 seconds. That'll be 100,000 queries every 30 seconds now, so 200,000 every minute. Effectively doubling it.

    I kinda disaggree with this the server could check if the enemy army "on shoot command" has arty (or other ranged units) to retaliate and automatically issue a retaliate decision. This would not need to be looped it should just get a flag "if they fired on me.... then I must have been in range to fire back"...

    The big list should contain all links to those archived threads. The idea why I created the big list was to keep active discussions on top while inactive discussions are archived but thanks to a list would be easily retraceable without cluttering up the view of the missing features

    Though the link you give is a supremacy1 thread I made the biglist of supremacy1914

    First if you had the server data and purchase data or had simply played a lot of games you should realize that people sometimes spend $100 or $200 on GM in a normal game with normal rewards.

    I think for some players this is evena small amount...

    The reasons for GM usage vary. The small spenders do it to make up for not being online at day change (built aht lvl 1 factory at day 8 without the 12 hours delay of you still being asleep) The really heavy spenders...

    There used to be a qoute of Emperor Charles V that I find very fitting. I'll paraphrase as I can't find it back. But apparently Charles V wanted the conquistadors in South AMerica to be more civil to the locals. One of those conquistadors answered.
    "Why would the spanish come to the new world if it was not to be superior to the locals?"

    Same counts with GM ffree adn GM usage games. if you have GM free games all free users would most likely stick on them. the GM users would have to be dropped int he GM usage games. But when you paying no longer gives you the advantage over a ton of free users... why would you still pay?

    Even more funny as GO back int he days we even got reports already of payers being outpayed and mad that they were outpayed demanding refund xd. That alone shows some of them are only willing to pay if they get the advantage over the others.

    BB's can stillbe named (for now...) Bytro just defeaturized supremacy (as they often do) so they no longer show up in bombardement or even in the regular unit view as they should... Next Revamp consider Naming Units gone as that's how revamps work...

    It's not really hacking as it is considereda feature. Splash damage should allow you to hit the main stack if he did it the very last second. Which is also what works when he's in melee combat then all his splitof armies are closeto one another and receive splash damage.

    And "Harder" not really split split split split and you still have the same outcome so your solution would just as stated make the PC take decisions for mewhich might not even be what I want... While it does not fix the real issue.

    Their are two problems with gifting units, the first it gives multi accounting even more power and second it allows a group of friends to share artillery/battleships and potentially have the same stack of weapons being operated 24/7 in away that is very difficult for a regular human player (who has to sleep) to deal with.

    I really liked being able to gift units but the upside was not as great as the downside of having people exploit the mechanic.

    As far as I know troops changing owner lose moral so if you did effectivly pass on BB's multiple times a day you'd eventually wear them out

    that suggestion would still not work. That is why there is the 4min time to retarget. If I follow your suggestion I'd just

    103 units

    52units (targetted) 51 units

    26units (targetted) | 26 units | 51 units

    13 units (targetted) | 13units |26 units | 51 units

    (etc I think you see the point by now) Even if the largest stack kept the target you'd still be able to make that one.

    Also SomtimesI don't want the game to decide to just randomly change targets?

    103 inf 20 arty

    split the 20 arty off. Hey I rather had that arty destroyed then that infantry... If it's not done manually there will always been tons of occasions where the pc picks the wrong target. Maybe that 4 minutes could use some more leeway but I remain with the opinion that it has to remain manual.

    yeah I agree engineers were used to demolish infrastructure in the war make it have a demolishen time (like 15min/lvl) though I dont think you should be able to do it instantly a real scorched earth needs planning too but I also think it should got pretty fast nonetheless

    Correct well theoretically people would know the airfield is being surrounded okay th euser is not around to give the command but realistically the second your army comes in sight the planes would take off right? I think you're already lucky not to be bombarded all the way to the airfield. So tbh I don't think this needs to change, I do however think air superiority is a bit to OP