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    in my case it freezes when i move the statistics tab from the newspaper, 500p map,

    regarding specs, i highly doubt that running the Supremacy 1914 500p map on Chrome requires more than Battlefield V at Ultra, so no need for that.

    I doubt battlefield is a browser game? If you have to built a local program you can use a lot stronger programming. When you program for the browser your programming is a lot more limited with only since shortly (for supremacyc) acces to the GPU. I do however get your point however I fear it's not that easily mapped on one another.

    the thing is that he just breaks your airfield in the right order your planes ''emergency land' towards the next active airfield.

    Nonetheless, we still try to work something out with bytro to reduce the effects of heavy GM usage. GM like it is now worked on small maps but the bigger maps and event maps scream for a change, Bobokil is right it's hard to get it to change (we're already trying for I think 2 years now) But bytro has showed willingness to try and work something out.

    I agree with this firing at all neutrals is a bit overkill 'Imagens cases where you accidently cross neighbours in the ocean, and have a defensive position built out., If it was only aggressive mode I'd understand. Would be interesting addition for RP's as then you can truly claim "You need to pay to get though the straight of gibraltar" as then you don't need to be online 24/7 to attack somebody trying to slip through, but it should not be the default vs neutrals. On the sea for melee units I agree that the trade embargo should serve this purpose.

    I see it now. This game is obsolete and developed by people who live in fear of cheaters. The hosting and moderation system is horrible and broken. I don't think this game will receive any serious update. It will die eventually. I just found out that I can trade just 4 provincies per game, by the way. Horrible, just horrible!

    Just a small note 4 in deficit so if you receive provinces you can give away som. Usually this function is used to smooth out the borders between allies a bit.

    I however personally disagree with the mechanical limit. As we all know cheaters just empty their nation and send in 1inf forces to capture it (althought in this case the moral penalty is a lot bigger then in trade). Potentially something like that could be worked out where tradign to many regions to fast gives a worser and worser moral for the region or even the country. But for certain the limit stops few cheaters for giving away entire nations.

    When the host goes inactive the function of game admin is moved on to the highest ranking active player left.

    Also don't forget the limit on when you can join the game. After a certain date games get locked and you can't rejoin. However my main argument for the manual protocol is that it allows for people to go on a bit longer holiday. All they need to do is tell the game admin they are gone. ALthought in most regular games leaving for more then 5 days is suicide.

    Trade with "dead" players should be disabled. Common sense.

    Many nations had a 'government in exile" during WWI and WWII. To my personally but that's out of a RP perspective trading units like that might represent such government in exile. However for this particular event they could disable it .

    implemented the legacy mode as an alternative

    Legacy remained an option since day 1, I was the guy explaining people how to use it xd, However the term legacy already indicates it being outdated and impossible or quite costly to maintain and as such it will eventually be siezed.

    I remember at some point in time the devs did experiment with the old sprites on the new map however they just truly don't fit in which made the 2nd idea the label above the units with an indication what they contained implemented.

    At last a moderatorial remark, I fixed the images in your post lightshot sadly made it harder to share their pictures directly onto a forum however it remains possible