500p community event 2024

  • ☄️ Attention, all Supremacy 1914 enthusiasts! Get ready for the 2024 500p Community Event! ☄️

    *This is our second 500p no gold community event.

    Prepare for an epic game of strategy, blood and tactical prowess. Save the date and gear up for an unforgettable experience in the world of Supremacy 1914!

    Starting date isn't known yet but like last year with the first one, it will start around May-June.


    - No goldmark or cards

    - Minimum rank: 10 (Liutenant)

    - Selection: RANDOM

    - Multiaccounting is not allowed

    - Sitting is not allowed

    - Account pushing is not allowed

    - Players per alliance limit: 16 players per alliance

    - Normal speed (1x)

    - 1 day AI peace period, 2 day player peace period

    You can register in our Discord server:


    Also, the rules and everything will be explained better in there.

    We'll be expecting you!