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    I have noticed a player doing a mobilization, which resulted in stronger infantry units. But, I don´t see how to do a mobilization of my units myself? Does anyone know?


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  • The mobilization/disembarking troops are still counted as if they are at sea. This is because your transport ships are not for sea battle so i suggest making light crussers and sumberines also battle ships to help protect your troops good luck out there winners!

    Mobilization answer

  • In order to mobilize you need to click on the backpack (booster cards). Then select 'units',. Select the type of unit you wish to mobilize. A window will pop up showing you the details of the mobilization. Click on 'Continue'. They map will appear showing eligible sites that you can mobilize at. Select the territories you want to mobilize in and click 'Start'.

    Be aware that it takes time to mobilize so make sure that you select territories out of harms way.

    Good luck.