Incorrect damage calculation when splash damage includes land and sea

  • The enemy damage is 53, there were no submarines or other enemy units, the game ID is #8344468 if mods want to check it out.

    I'm not sure if the damage on the infantry was actually correct, and that a second damage was dealt solely to the battleship, or the same damage was dealt to the two stack once each.

    Am I misunderstanding something here?


    image.png?ex=65fe5bbb&is=65ebe6bb&hm=5e56ca957e7211d8f190ec0b1a95e827ca0de63453f106b3976fe92d7918d95e& image.png?ex=65fe4e4b&is=65ebd94b&hm=5a924c0a414820b8b74f08d6871269ecd9fbc71e9db70ccee41fbbcd4bbe3577&=

    After one hour:

    image.png?ex=65fe5bc5&is=65ebe6c5&hm=0775775020e60e8b9d84bbc3af6fe8ced7c13a5554719bde8cc84d3b089e3a47& image.png?ex=65fe5bc5&is=65ebe6c5&hm=22f2e13b32ed076bda7a3edf9ace88ed6939a3c216f9b0fc8f187b29760bf4e2&
  • The total damage was 106.5. 53*2 = 106, so it seems as though there were two hits. Is it possible that that "one hour" was really one hour plus a bit that included an extra hit?