Zeppelins Now Live - Rule the Skies

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    The wait is over! Zeppelins are NOW LIVE in Supremacy 1914! Starting from 9 am UTC today, take command of these mighty airships and revolutionize your strategic approach on the battlefield.

    Remember, Zeppelins target province centers, dealing significant morale damage and wreaking havoc on buildings. With their high range and robust HP pool, they bring an element of surprise to your offensive strategies.

    Participate in the ongoing Zeppelin Operations from now until May 20, 2024, to acquire these formidable units.

    Featuring in various Operations over the coming weeks, progress can be made on all maps, including special Operations on event maps. Unlock each Zeppelin with a healthy mix of sharp skills and strategic play.

    Fear not, you can keep these aerial leviathans at bay with cost-effective balloons and infantry units. Ready your troops for a skyward onslaught, as Zeppelins deploy on day 10, offering a dynamic twist to your gameplay.

    Join the battlefield, seize control of Zeppelins, and assert dominance across the skies. Let the era of Zeppelins mark your journey to triumph in Supremacy 1914!

    Play wisely, as victory awaits those who rule from above. Onward to triumph, commanders!