Looking for an Alliance

  • Hi,

    I'm a new player looking for an alliance that will be willing to teach a newbie like me. I know the basics. I still lack knowledge about strategies.

    I speak both Filipino and English. :D

  • hmmm

    it depends on the oponent and his strategy how much time you have to spend to win

    some are worth 15 minutes, others need 2-4 hours per day.

    tell me what would you like to achieve and I wil ltell you how much it will cost.

    I believe that full training including teleport, S&S, harvesting, usage of spies, air+land+sea war, logistics, highways, long and short term strategy, analyzing enemy patterns and getting to a 3 lvl of tricks- this could cost aroun 10 000 000 GMs and I am happy to learn you all of that. After couple of test game s 1 vs 1 you will be ready to take anyone down.