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    The game may have changed since I used to play, but while the Daily Rankings were interesting to take into consideration for prep, they did little to relate actual strength in the field. Player skill mattered far more than unit numbers. Case in point... I have been gone since 2017 yet I still rank high in comparison to others all these years later.... Yet I wager, if I end up playing again, it will take me a few games before I regain my old edge.

    Those will poor skills can give themselves some breathing room by amassing units and looking scary, but really.... the higher they rank the better the target. Because if your good enough to take the top - you have a good change to mop up the rest.

    The most important information is the daily territory improvements posting of your foes and neighbors. This is the information that will inform you about optimal targets to cripple, and defeat, your opponents.

    Also, If the ally of the enemy is not at war they are not getting the morale nerf until you attack them. Once you attack them you suffer the morale nerf from being at war with 2 enemy which each of your enemies are only suffering from being at war with you - a single enemy.

    At this point you have to consider the economics of morale to decide if expanding the war is worthwhile.

    I have not played in a long time. I am just now poking about to re-educate myself about the mechanics and see if I want to pick the game up again. That said:

    Back in the day the troops coming from the water had often lost so much morale as to be at 10-25% of their usual combat effectiveness and vastly weaker than those units still on the ground. In team play people often avoid even trying to land a stack against a defending shore troop 1/10 it's size. Land units grow quickly weaker when swimming. The speed that land troops degrade can be reduced if you have them travel with a water unit... or at least... this used to be true.

    Not a bad idea on the face of it.... however...

    The problem I see with this is they would have to pay the code team to produce the content for a subscription-base of unknown size and which could need custom updates. The start price of the subscription could well be too-low to cover costs if there are too few users or if too-high will not attract enough users. Then consider how to make it different enough to be attractive, but not detract from or become confused with the existing subscription service. And even if all that is figured out... be willing to deal with yet another level of whining and complaining from that portion of the population which is never happy.

    When you put it that way... Not having my content monitored for a potential ban due to how I express myself would have some merit. Especially if I had something - excitable - to say. I retract my reference to unsportsmanlike behavior. I'll just consider it less than optimal, but worth consideration due to external influences.

    This would be interesting to know. I last played back in 9/2019 and have been poking around to pick back up the basics. I noticed I could not find any of my old posts and I had to set up a new account. Interestingly, I was still recognized as in a team and all my old metals and points appear to have been saved. It would be nice to have access to my old posts as I had several information posts which could help me get back up to speed - taking into consideration that I will still need to learn how any changes in the last 5 years have altered strategy.