There is no way to change back to pc mode from mobile mode what

  • Here are some things that you can try to fix this:

    >clear your cache

    >if clearing cache doesn't work then change your browser

    >say Thanks to bytro for this feature

    Open settings then scroll down there you will find switch to desktop.

  • Raman02334 I am astonished, is this "Display Tactical Armies" an option on mobile app? looks like new UI you have in screenshot, I been asking for this feature on the New UI since they removed it from the Revamp new UI and this seems to have the option....

    Other question , does this tactical armies option work or is it a dormant option (button) from the very start of the Re-Vamp in early 2019 when it was an option for the new Revamp UI

    They have dormant options (buttons) on certain things, in Bytro, like setting up a map you still had option for Elite AI or Normal AI, but it is simply a Dormant Option (button) now


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