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    I can tell that better units to kill a 250 unit stack then arty. Arty is decent that all. Bombard can be done splitting damage if they condition are done you can hit 1 unit and deal other 6 damage to.If know they timer of opponent and he leaves you to kill main army instant only def army then is his one fail and you stats will go up. Players like that will every map they join just free kills. From my point Arty is ok us it is at they time.

    Newbies if they want to win a game they need learn it. Learning is make mistakes to. I remember my first map a 30 tutorial map. I had 2 FM in that left 1 city and we're killing 1 unit spammed in that city till I went inactive they did. I call it wow I got bulled? no I only bad luck to have in a tutorial map. Joined a other map that was it.I failed a lot to till I learn what I need to do. If check my KDA will see I am 3.00 against player. Why can't newbies not do that? they can but are they doing every time I see newbie they think have more game skill then you even if just joined. Why is that because did 1 hit and run and got 1 time why you we're not even online. After come online and AC there lands because left everything open is your fail or there? then start cry is gm is gm and not use 1 in that map only because more mech units then them and so on. Newbies if they listen to good player can kill a gm spammer easy, but most think they have same skill some plays for year they game. This game a option not even be 24/24 online and win 100% every war you are fighting only be using skill .Every map I play alwalys try to not kill newbies and even let join my coalition that map. Some of them even don't attack him or move army there not even do that, if they do it they 100% win that map and learn they game little by little what I show them.

    So my point I don't need retreat.

    You suggestion have a lot more factors to consider.

    1 we're they fight mine or his lands? if mine I move fast of course and can escape.

    2 his lands with small timer your army is directly again in melee .

    3. a lot ppl like get a inactive in melee and hit them there arty so for them is bad.

    4. good player won't be in melee so don't need retreat, they already if go to sleep what to do to be safe

    So from my point we don't need retreat

    If have High Command even take the lands of newbie there will be a recruiting office done. Most new player that saw start other map then tutorial since they join a country. If don't join 1 our you get kicked and can other map. Why are doing that? we're simple because have a small advantage if have arty on day 1 in a 500 map not? I don't see it us advantage if they have even 500. So suggest can be to make every newbie start a tutorial map.

    Since the update with 10% units trade was dismiss all other update give and give spammer more and more advantages. That politic money and money nothing else. And best is update alwalys doesn't work like the update it alwalys more bugs there we're left. What next update that can go a map use gm? be my guests then a lot free user will go and tell bye bye.

    Fix something that you guys broke doesn't make game like use to be.

    And for information I had 6 units and still revolt so is fixed:))))))))))))) . Make my laugh that all and sad . Sad because game running is past was decent and every player had a change. At time most ppl leave map if they see a spammer, even can kill him easy. The 4x 100 map my spammer left after I killed his spammed army of 60 fighter/1 railgun/1 heavy tank with 5 fighter's and 7 inf my lose. Spammer in 90% have 0 skills just spamming units out, even a children of 5 year with 10% units trade killed a spammer easy if show what to do. But of course they bring the money so let's stop talking about them and go to back the fixed game bugs that are not 100% fixed.

    You already have Propaganda but need use 500 gm for 10% up. Bytro want's to make money I doubt they put for silver. But good luck with you idea even think surely on none implement list like a lot of other suggestion that doesn't bring money:) but help they game. Best way to help a spammer that only use gm was remove they 10% units trade.