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    Can we PLEASE fix the Pathfinder bug that has been a problem for over 3 years now.....

    Every player with HC was happy when it WAS fixed and everything was working but it seems with every update we fix one thing but break other things that were perfectly working fine.


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    Well done for beginners. For global popularity can give RoW or share to Ai(or with HC share Intel to some ppl do it). Next is how close you are to them and if they feel that are enemy to them by have to strong Military and to many lands it will drop(fear of you country). To make up can also embargo they top 5 most dreaded nation and of course 5k for 5k small trades. Have a share map with 5 most dreaded nation will also drop they popularity. If drops around 38-35% will get embargo for they AI(some can give embargo at 50% or even 40%). Have it under 20 to under 10 if are next to them will declare war on you(can also happen at 30% but most declare at 14%,if more 1 AI next you happen have 5 wars. finish will bring you next one declaring on and so on,best option if we're low kill AI next to you).On 1 500 4x speed map I test have at last 2 day over 20 AI declaring on me almost all around 14% global popularity. You can add this in next video if you want,

    Good luck and have fun!

    Beating up on absent players for five days sounds to me like a pretty unfair way to improve your stats. Absent players are the easiest to destroy for obvious reasons. The fact that the AI takes over after only two days also makes for a more realistic game and a (somewhat) greater challenge.

    Great challenge if he has over 1k city try take then 2 days? we not speak of small map we is easy to kill some even more city in 2 days. Try a late game map with a enemy of 1k city and we speak again if it a challenge then. You get bored after he turn AI .

    You can play Supremacy 1 there all option from day 1. Or Play they event maps in Supremacy like Arms how give all that day 1 to and also a big army to start. Otherwise play a 100 or 500 4x speed map. They 100 and 500 4x are done max in 2weeks of playing. Alternative I suggest 10 x map (6x map since change) and go 4 days.

    Hello all,

    I don't think it was nice that we get something changed without notice as if none of us are important to Bytro. On maps like 100 or 500 we've always had 5 days to get good points fighting a player, now we won't have the ability to truly defeat an opponent because now we only get 2 days. For a late game 500 that we're playing ..... if that opponent doesn't get destroyed and we don't kill all of their army with only 2 days to do it, they'll become AI and things will become much harder. Also if he had more cities than you, you can only try and outplay his army instead of expanding your position. I check all updates of these games and saw no message that this update was taking place. So, what's going on, are things going to simply happen randomly and we have to discover things the HARD way now?

    I want a answer why we got no news before this change happen!

    I see this a lot. This is why ppl will leave again and our community is going to keep dropping more and more.

    I would like an answer from Bytro why there was NO announcement made about this change!

    freezy Arcorian can we please get a answer on this!

    Wasnt there a similar event but for 30p map a while ago?

    Dont remember how it was called but you started with 3 fully upgraded provinces, 20 artillery orso and tanks.

    I didn't enjoy it as much personally but a historical version would be interesting

    what you mean is Arms event map