It's time to make Factories available at an earlier day

  • Yes, Multi account cheaters and Account Pushing is a HUGE problem in the 500 maps, maybe not so much in small maps, I do not find a 500 map with out one of the following

    #1 Multi Accounts,

    #2 sometimes combined with Account Pushing

    #3 Huge Golden Whales

    I suppose these are the things which make the game entertaining and challenging. Because you have not encountered some of these things may mean you have not yet travelled certain roads; these things do exist in this s1914 game

    Hastings, I concede that removing the day 8 restriction from building factories on 500-player maps would be a gift to multis. But I've been playing this game (on and off) for years on the smaller maps and never encountered a multi (or if I have, they were incompetent).

    Perhaps I should point out that even if the restriction on building factories was removed, you still wouldn't be able to build an artillery unit for roughly 6 days. Apart from which, the amount of resources you have available in the early game is very limited anyway. If one player manages to get a couple of artillery units earlier than another, it's hardly a world-shattering advantage. Also, as things stand, players who start out with a lot of food also have an early advantage in that they can churn out cav units when somebody else cannot.

    If 6 days is still deemed too early to allow the production of artillery, which I still think is dubious, you could tweak things a little by, say, lengthening the time it takes to build workshops - say, one day to build each level of workshop. That would push the earliest date you can build artillery to 8 days, but it would have the additional advantage of giving noobs something to look forward to in the first couple of days - the curiosity of seeing what sort of advantage a workshop confers. As it is, you build workshops in literally the first five minutes and then have to wait 8 long days before you can upgrade them. It's an interest killer.

    And talking about how many other interesting things there are to do in the first eight days is just wrong. I invariably have an extended period of thumb-twiddling over several days as I have nothing to do but drop in and tweak a few sliders and what-have-you and go away again. Noobs get killed by experienced players in the early game anyhow, with or without artillery, having the experience of being attacked by artillery early in the game would also be intriguing for a noob and make him interested in coming back to build his own next time.

    Again, I think it's just a huge mistake to make noobs wait so long for mechs, and it's a bore for experienced players as well. At least give players the option to create games with no wait period for factories - I bet you'd never see anybody start a game with the 8-day wait period again.

  • And here's another thing you could do to increase interest in the early game a little for noobs. Let's assume you have also increased the time to build each level of workshop to one day as I suggested above. A level one workshop would allow you to build an AC as usual. But a level 2 workshop allows you to build balloons (without an airfield). That might have the advantage of increasing interest in balloon building, which nobody seems to do now, as well as giving noobs something else to look forward to trying out.

    BTW, if you did make it a day to build each level of workshop, that would also slow the production of cav, which would remove the unfair advantage food-rich players in the early game currently have.

  • I have the same thoughts with you as gold spammers are very common in 100ps and 500ps; noob players either get inactive because of the situation they are facing start game or get defeated and finished very fast in early-game. Very unfair it is. Although there are sometimes 4x speed or 8xspeed 100ps or 500p maps, they are rare. I partly agree with Joe but if you are giving them arty on day 6, bytro needs to make it fair so the experienced players and gold spammers can have the arty also. And it may worsen the situation by even more noob or skill less players that being crushed on day 6. Remember that gold spammers have the money to spam arty and tanks and whatever on their hands.

    I would hate seeing this as it also would mean that the noob players, will get finished easily and they might stop this game as ' Too much players with skills and I get defeated always' Bytro can't give only noob players the arty on day 6, they don't know how to use it, maybe, this leads us to our second problem. The Noob players don't know how to use advanced units! It may seem very easy to you guys reading my post, but we have to know that noobs may don't know how to use arty, tanks, planes, ships, railguns etc. When I was a noob, I didn't know how planes and ships valued and only produced some, hoping that ' It would be devastating' However, I was wrong and was quickly mowed over by a more experienced noob with better skills and armies. I cried about it, but I couldn't change everything. After that, I studied the game manual carefully and I gained more knowledge playing game after game, winning after winning. My example is about that noobs don't know to read the game manual, so much noobs don't build recruting offices and they also, don't know how to produce AC and calvary or even build other buildings such as workshops and factories. If you don't teach them, giving them bonuses means nothing.

    And to the last point: Gold spammers. The gold spammers are bad in skills, but they use a lot of money to get happiness in the game. GMs bought can be used everywhere. They are nearly the strongest and, the types that newbies and noobs fear most. GM spammers are bad in anyway, with no skill, they rampage along the lines just because of ' Money power'. If the noobs get arty and then try to attack the GM spammers, they would just steamroll him with thousands of AC, calv or infantry, not kidding. Not a look on their arty, than what's the point giving them the bonus if noobs don't know how to use them or produce them. The skilled players can just charge a large army to their arty and destroy it in melee combat, not to be mentioned on GM spammers; they just build a lev 5 fort and then let the noobs attack. Which kindly is sad, and makes the offer useless.

    Hoping to see a response


    Buck Buck

    Get going with strategy at first of the game, always be prepared, and win the game with an amount of skills and take the trophy up with your allies or yourself!:D:) It is just a game:!:

  • Bytro can't give only noob players the arty on day 6

    I didn't say that only noobs should get artillery early, I said the day 8 restriction on building factories should be removed for everyone. And I said additionally that if day 6 is too early, make it so that workshops also take a day to build each level, pushing artillery acquisition to day 8. And make it so that you can't hasten them with GM until a certain day.

    As for GM spammers, you don't encounter them all that often in my experience on the smaller maps. I've joined about 25 games in total and only ever encountered a spammer once. That was in a game where I got bottled up in the Middle East with no wood or iron and lost two armies at sea from a silly game mechanic that I think needs to be fixed. So I spent many days scrimping to build 4 puny cruisers to give myself a foothold in Italy, and when his ally - who'd already taken half the map - noticed, he insta-spammed a navy of battleships, cruisers and subs to sink my puny little force that I'd sweated blood and tears to build. I instantly quit the game after telling the spammer what I thought of him.

    Spammers are the bane of this game, but most people do not spend money on browser games so, in my experience at least, you don't run into them that often on the smaller maps.

  • I have couple suggestions , go join games which come with "starting Package" already have certain air package, land units package like tanks and arty... or join multiple maps so that they are spaced a week apart from each other to avoid "Thumb Twiddling"... Bytro already introduced Mobil app and 4x speed Tutorial maps.... as for keeping newbie players interested , engaged, and instant gratification games... this is not one of those; there are other games like 'Candy Crush", for this mentality of player.

    Or... just keep thinking of reasons BYTRO should give players an EASY BUTTON and eliminate any critical thinking or patience aspect from this unique and great game of S1914


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • this is not one of those; there are other games like 'Candy Crush", for this mentality of player

    Come on man, don't make patronizing comments. I've been a wargamer for many years, I love good strategy games, and this is one of them - although the chronic lack of sleep that comes from playing it is a major downside.

    But if even grognards like me find the long delay boring and gamey, imagine how it must be for people who are used to the instant gratification of so many modern games. There just isn't enough to do to keep the average modern gamer engaged over the first couple of weeks. But many of those average gamers might become converts if they just had a little bit more to do in the early game.

    And as I said, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I'd be willing to bet that if they did give players the option to get factories more quickly, almost nobody would choose the alternative. But for the people like you who like playing the "unique and great" classic version, you would still have that option, so nobody loses.

  • You can play Supremacy 1 there all option from day 1. Or Play they event maps in Supremacy like Arms how give all that day 1 to and also a big army to start. Otherwise play a 100 or 500 4x speed map. They 100 and 500 4x are done max in 2weeks of playing. Alternative I suggest 10 x map (6x map since change) and go 4 days.

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+

  • I don't want to play a game where I start with a big army and a bunch of mechs pre-built. I like the economic management side of the game, a lot, I just think the wait period for mechs is too long and makes for an early game hiatus of action and interest, that's all.