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    I can confirm that the 1000% GM bonus offer is real, since I've gotten that offer before and I used it to purchase a lot of GMs.

    Although, once you've purchased any GM amount or HC in the store, you will no longer get 100% and above GM bonus offers anymore.

    (Unless there is an event that offers 100%+ GM bonus offers)

    It is not always clear if a player should have received a medal for winning a certain map, so here is a compiled list of each medal and what you need to do to receive a point towards said medal.

    Player needs to come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd (regardless of coalition membership and/or match win):


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross


    ↑The Great Victory Cross Class Three/Two/One


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross World in Flames


    ↑Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross The Great War - 500 Players

    Player needs to win either solo (1st place) or in a coalition:


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross Southeast Asia


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross South America


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross Middle East


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross USA vs Mexico


    ↑The Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross Battle of the Balkans


    ↑The Dominion Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross

    Player needs to win solo:


    ↑The Lone Wolf Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross

    Player needs to win in a coalition:


    ↑The Coalition Gold/Silver/Bronze Cross

    Patch notes [9/13/19] says:

    - After leaving a coalition players have to wait 3 days before they can join or create a new coalition
    - After being kicked from a coalition players have to wait 1 day before they can join or create a new coalition

    I believe these changes don't adapt with the speed games. Indeed, I also think that the coalition time penalty should be adjusted to suite the appropriate game speed.

    As the title implies, please make it so that the new revamp graphics army model are similar to the army model of the legacy mode.

    The new revamp graphics, the huge 3D army models in particular, makes it much more difficult to see whats going on easily across the whole map.The new 3D icons

    make it really hard to see exactly where the unit is sitting and also whats in the stack. You need to zoom right in.

    Let me give you an example. First screenshot is from the revamp mode and the second would be the legacy mode:

    Screenshot (1):

    Screenshot (2):

    See any difference? Well, I do.

    There's a huge contrast between the two given display army modes. With the legacy mode, the army models are easier to distinguish from one another in comparison with the revamp mode.

    Furthermore, it's much more easier and making precise movements/actions with legacy mode versus revamp mode.

    Now I am not suggesting to make a complete overhaul of the revamp update. No, that would be a complete waste of resources.

    Here's my suggestion. Remove the huge 3D army models. They are unnecessary, and most of S1914 players would be more inclined to play the revamp mode if this feature was removed and was replaced with

    legacy mode's army model feature.

    Also, I was doing some research and stumbled upon this thread: Good Tidings - S1914 Holiday Gifts

    What got my attention is this image:

    You guys see how the image shows a revamp mode UI, but the army models used is the legacy mode's army models? You can see how it's easier to distinguish the different units in a stack.

    Much more clear and simple. This is what we want. Is this feature possible to implement? Bytro Labs Arcorian Ikkeenniem

    I believe this feature was available during the earlier stages when the revamp update was rolled out, but it was removed afterwards. I don't know the reason, but if anyone in the developers team can provide an answer it would be much appreciated.

    If you guys agree with me, please like the post. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about the topic at hand.

    The more we discussed about this and the more support we get from the community, the more we get the devs' attention pertaining to the issue above.


    Hey everyone,

    although we do not have release notes today, as the list of player facing changes is rather short, I wanted to share the following update here, since the markete overhaul topic is an ongoing discussion.

    With today's release we revert the change that limits trading resources on the stock market within a price range of 3 and 30 money. The price range will be set back to between 1 and 30 money again.

    Bug located:

    Bug Report: Unit Price Broken Below 3