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    Hey everyone,

    although we do not have release notes today, as the list of player facing changes is rather short, I wanted to share the following update here, since the markete overhaul topic is an ongoing discussion.

    With today's release we revert the change that limits trading resources on the stock market within a price range of 3 and 30 money. The price range will be set back to between 1 and 30 money again.

    Bug located:

    Bug Report: Unit Price Broken Below 3

    Posting new concepts in the 'Missing Feature' is almost pointless since most of the stuff you suggest here don't even get acknowledged by the developers. Most of the time you just get generic replies from the forum moderators saying "added to Biglist" and/or "Please do understand that not all ideas posted here will be implemented in the game.... blah blah....".

    Don't even waste your time discussing your ideas here. It's pointless.

    There's really nothing that can beat legacy mode's graphic simplicity.

    Don't get me wrong, the new UI interface is visually aesthetic, but it's too complex and confusing.

    If the developers are able to implement the simple army models of the legacy mode into the new UI interface/update or a feature where you can disable the large 3D army models that clutter your screen and only serves as a distraction, then I wouldn't mind playing in the new UI interface/update.

    Fun and simple, that's the way to go.

    If Bytro decides to remove legacy mode completely, I am pretty safe to assume that half of their player base would go down.

    I would value fighters over bombers even though the bombers get more damage and range.

    The reason why I love fighters more than bombers is because their anti-air damage and speed are insane. To be honest, I think fighters are the most overpowered unit in the game, but that's if players don't use split tactic against air units.

    Fighters' strengths aren't limited only in the air, they can also be utilize as long range artillery on land, which is amazing imo.

    Is there a comprehensive thread on balloons, fighters and bombers?

    There used to be a comprehensive guide in the old forum with regards with the air unit mechanics. In the new forum (this one), I don't believe there's one yet.

    How does patrol work?

    You set up a patrol (blue circle). Any enemy air units attacking anything and taking off/landing within the radius of that blue circle will be damaged by your air units. Enemy air units just passing through won't take damage. Furthermore, if you are hovering above a city, you'll reveal any enemy units stationed there.

    Do you need to just partol above your city? your own regions? How far out can a plane patrol?

    You can patrol anywhere. The maximum patrol range would be like the maximum flight range, but can bypass it a tad bit further.

    Does it spot everything in its view radius?

    Patrol spots only where you are patrolling, but if your air units will fly over multiple cities/targets before they reach your patrol zone, those cities/targets that you pass over will have their contents revealed.

    what is the radius can it see?

    Anything within the initial patrol zone and the invisible patrol zone that your air unit carries while flying over cities.

    Does it run out of fuel or just return?

    Unlimited fuel. They only return to fuel when you tell them to stop patrolling or attacking an area/unit.

    We need Gm users to complain with us- they are target group for company

    get them here to listen to what they have to say

    As a GM user myself, I am starting to ask the question of why I'd spend more money on a game where the developers who don't even interact or listen to its community. At least an acknowledgement saying: "Thank you for your feedback! We will work harder and improve the game..." blah blah... something along those lines. Just at least a reassurance that the developers or whoever runs the game are acknowledging the community's comments.


    Since I was reading about mods, GOs, and CMs above.... I might as well respond it here.

    When it comes to the customer support, the moderators/game operators are also lacking. Now, I understand that mods/GOs are volunteer workers, but I rarely see moderators online whenever crap goes on in chat or if someone needs help with technical issues in the game. And if you do make a ticket, game operators response takes like more than 72 hrs. The average response time should be around 12 hrs. Responding quickly means you're meeting customer expectations.

    Now on the the EN Support Team roster, I rarely see those people online in the EN global/help/HC chat. And when I do, I just see them go on for 5-10 minutes and leave. Sometimes they disappear for a good amount of time.

    Hell, most of the EN Support Team we have right now works on a different department/server. This goes to show that they are lacking in man power. Also, whenever you chat to most of them in chat or in the forums, sometimes they don't act professionally or it's like talking to a robot that don't understand or consider their community's feelings . I understand that they are regular players as well, but they are representing the game. Example is Demonaire's response on previous post, some of those responses were unprofessional.

    I'm getting out of topic here, but overall... as a paying customer... I am not happy.

    I take back what I said earlier on how this update was not bad at all. It is pretty bad.

    Also, I noticed that the game developers rarely interact with their community whenever they post new updates, which is really bad.

    They just post the changes and that's it. End of story.

    I am starting to think they don't even read our opinions and stuff. The same goes with the Missing Features forum where you post your suggestions or ideas you want to add in the game. The only replies users get are from mods, and when they post a new concept the mods replies are: "added to big list", "idea already suggested", or "for balancing issues devs cannot implement your idea".

    Anyways, I wonder what the next update would be like.

    1. stay alive from all multis, friendpacks, stalkers who came to map just to spoil your game, GMers, Hnr zombies and rushers. If you manage that ->

    The best way to survive a 500p game right now would be joining with friends you already know and trust. They don't have to be good as long as you guys are organized, you will dominate a map.

    Most of the random coalitions made aren't organized too well or they don't trust each other, and that's a huge disadvantage oppose to a coalition that can coordinate well and believe each others' strengths. Even a GM user would have trouble fighting a well-organized coalition.

    2. you join coalition , the more resources the betttr and 1 GMer is a need

    I am experiencing this right now in my 500p game. It looks like randoms tend to gravitate to coalitions who have strong players in them. Unfortunately, with the coalition member slot limitation, I cannot accept all of them. And there's a big problem where there's 1 unstoppable coalition in the late game because of this system. With the availability of lending units before the update, you can trust rent your units to players who need help to survive against a more powerful nation, but with it gone, you just watch as that helpless player get eaten up by that OP player in-game.

    3. If you are convinced there is noone else who plays certain type of unit better than you contact coalition.

    It's pretty challenging to organize an attack with randoms in a coalition. Even if you are an excellent in a certain unit in-game, if your team won't cooperate well in a team fight, then it's no different as playing solo.

    4. you ask for resources your coalition

    Even if you join a coalition with randoms, it is still not a guarantee they would be willing to trade their resources to you.

    5. You ask Gmer to spawn units for you

    I doubt GM users would just freely spawn units for random players they are not close with.

    6. you kill all those nice people in the map as you are force to do that by bytro ....

    I think it's still possible to trust a friendly coalition keeping their word if they agree on a non-aggression pact, but honestly, without share map it would be a huge risk keeping a coalition near your border unchecked.

    For some reason, if neutral nations are not in a coalition you can still offer right of way, share map, and share intel. So it's still possible to keep neutral nations checked, but other friendly coalitions unchecked, which makes no sense...

    Also, where did they get this idea of for the recent changes implemented in the game?

    I checked the Missing Features or even the suggestion thread, and found no user proposing such changes.

    Did they do like a survey I am not aware of? What's going on, Bytro?

    Bytro Labs

    Just a friendly advice btw.

    At least give us a heads up before you guys implement these changes. No, seriously, give us like 2-3 weeks ahead of time so we know what to expect and give you guys a constructive of what we think of the upcoming changes.

    Most games I've played always give major announcements about upcoming changes in-game before rolling it live. Why can't this game do the same?

    Saying that these changes were tested in pioneer games before making it live doesn't give you guys an excuse to just throw it in our face without addressing the entire community about it.

    I am assuming that 80-90% of the player-base don't even have pioneer access to test these changes you guys implement in live games. Hell... I don't even know how to access this pioneer games you guys speak of.

    This isn't the first time Bytro implemented changes without letting the community know before the changes were live, and time and time again when this happens, it ruins the games of players who weren't expecting these updates/changes.

    To be honest, Bytro, you guys hope and just throw updates out of nowhere and expect us to like them without any repercussions.

    For example:

    We hope you like these changes and bug fixes and wish you all the best on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro team

    The update isn't that bad imo. These changes did address some annoying exploits in the game, but also hurt some fair-users in the process. It is annoying that we have to adapt suddenly with these changes, but it is what it is.

    "Hopefully", Bytro also learns from our comments and don't make the same mistake again.


    - Multi-accounts will have slightly more difficult time multi-accounting.

    - Punished coalition jumping/betrayal attempts through join cooldown.

    - Pushes players to make friends and work together through coalition team ups.

    - Prevents losing players to trade all their resources/units/provinces to another country to prevent their enemies to get those stuff.


    - Solo players / Regular users will now have a more difficult time surviving early in the game. They need to pay to win if they want to survive alone or work in coalition teams (that is active and competent) if they want to succeed.

    - Killed roleplayers in-game.


    My opinion:

    In terms of multi-accounts not being able to trade unfair amounts of resources or units to each other, this new update doesn't completely remove them at all, but it instead just made it for them to be slightly difficult to multi-account and also damaged regular players ability to make trades with other fair users whose only intentions are to survive early game.

    The update also encourages users to join up with random players in-game to work together, but rarely do I witness a competent coalition being lead in public matches. Good luck finding a decent team in a public game. I can see veterans or skilled players messaging each other in discord or something and joining maps to dominate uncoordinated or poorly led coalitions. Furthermore, not being able to survive alone also pushes players to p2w in order to play the game independently.

    Lastly, they should at least increase the starting amount of resources you get in regular maps imo. Due to the changes in the stock market trade and the resource restrictions, it is more difficult to exploit or manipulate the stock market in which you can survive independently and trade with neutral players. In tutorial maps, new players tend to survive better because of the resource advantage they receive, but when they join regular maps without the tutorial benefits they either get bogged down or massacred by more skilled or experience players.


    That will be all. Wonderful update! Keep up the great work, Bytro! :)