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    So, they would act like a Scout/engineer?

    That's cool.

    It would be great if they reduced damage done to buildings so that huge stacks of Arty can be slowed down

    Yes! I had that kind of unit type in mind. With being a little more quick and see a little bit further, they are another good scout. No as good as Amoured Cars but they are much cheaper. I had even ideas for special attributes those "engineers" could have, but I guess that would be too much to ask Bytro right now. They could act as an important additional unit that gives benefits. (Probably in trade of some downsides - so you need to consider when and how to use them? :/:))

    make it 24 h and 1 sec

    What? If one cav needs 6hrs, then 4 need 24hrs. A day has 24hrs ... so this is simple math, isn't it? :/

    But, to be accurate. You'll probably not be able to produce 4 cav/day/province.

    00:00:00 start production of first cav.

    06:00:00 first cav ready.

    06:00:01 start of second cav.

    12:00:01 second cav ready.

    12:00:02 start of third cav.

    18:00:02 third cav ready.

    18:00:03 start of fourth cav.

    00:00:03 fourth cav ready.

    I bet this is even true for automatic builds with high command.

    To be accurate, one province will not produce 4 cav/day but 3.

    Intresting topic. But I think it goes into the same direction as capitulate does. What to do with players that are about to be defeated. I rather vote for the "capitulate" option, so leaving the battlefield with white flag raised than being just the milk cow for the one that nearly defeated me. Also, what would happen if this enemy himself/herself is going to be killed by another player? Wouldn't you need the option to be "free'd" from this vassalage again? Well, better let Bytro do other things on our wishlist :P

    Good video! I'm always struggling with such videos because most of them are just made by noobs that think with winning some maps they also gathered all possible information to have maximum knowledge about the game. But making videos to teach some basics to newbies is good.

    I absolutley agree with Hastings.

    Joseph this is great video! Especially part about being opportunist , I would like to make one suggestion, which you covered in video but did not explain when you showed how you took Spain... that suggestion is that New players seem to not make connection of all vital information is always posted in the Newspaper

    Great video and I am sure this will help new players immensely if they only take time to view it... same as if players read newspaper or game manual...sadly most do not... perhaps your next video could focus on importance of reading both.

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

    He is so right when saying that there is so much information already in the game but no one cares. The newspaper tells a player so many important things, also the game manual (which is still unavailable in German translation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since years ........) explains everything which are necessary for players. You cannot imagin what basic questions are asked over and over ...

    This great game that I play since about 10 yrs now could get a little more intresting by having one more unit. Most people just see barracks as not something of intrest as they just need lot of food ressources which is also important as upkeep for all your mech units. Until midgame or if they were lucky with a country that has plenty of food at the beginning, most players do not use the power of barracks.

    Additionally to that, Gas is one of the ressources which is too less important to look for as you need it only for: burning it for oil & coal, building some air fields, building balloons. Pioneers need Gas for their explosive stuff, balloon stuff with what they build bridges that can make units cross rivers or small gaps more quickly and so on.

    ### Pioneer ###

    Pioneers are capable of finding ways through enemy or unknown territory. There are experienced in finding cover and are good in scouting. They are also used as first troops to repair or build important infrastructure such as bridges and trenches. There are also good in blowing smaller enemy buildings and infrastructures with the use of their bombs and handgranates.

    Although pioneers receive military training, they are not as good as infantry or other military human units. But they know to defend if they need.

    Requirement: Barracks lvl 1

    Building Speed: 18hrs/ Barracks lvl

    Upkeep: 20 Grain, 10 Gas

    Cost: 800 Grain, 600 Gas, 4500 Money

    Speed (land, air, see): 40km/h, -, 21km/h

    View range: 180km

    Dmg (attack) (land, air, see): 0.9, 0.1, 0.3

    Dmg (def) (land, air, see): 0.5, 0.1, 0.1

    Size factor: similar to Infantry

    Thanks for your time reading and much appreciate your factual replies to that idea.


    The basic principle of this strategy is to distract from one way then attack from another.

    Let’s say there are three provinces. Province A, province B, and province C. A leads to B and B leads to C.


    You have province A and C. The ai has province B. (If you had a fighter patrol above province B you would have found 30 infantry and an armoured car in the province.) You send one artillery piece to attack province B from A. After the first hit you will see 29 infantry and an armoured car going after the artillery piece. Then from province C you send in some guys to take the province while the artillery piece flees from the enemy and goes back to province A. The ai will follow.

    That's (although I doubt that, as in your example 29/1 will attack the aggressiv stack in province A) what just looks like normal AI behavior. AI goes for the attacking enemy and you try to capture from different angle. :saint:

    Honestly, for both points you mention, I don't think I can agree.

    Bit risky to start a topic like this this thread could end up in blacklisting.


    The fisherman is probably not keen for the demand for understanding that strategy knowledge and the requirements that midgame/ lategame brings with it is key for surviving longer than 14 days. those guys will stick around, we need to deal with them.:S

    thanks for your replies.

    while i agree with what you guys say about the coalition and how we observe different players with different experience levels joining coals for different purposes, i like to ask you to get back to the initial idea and think for it again for a minute.

    i know this from a browser game that i played back in the early 2000's which was settled in a fictive galaxy. when alliances had to manage all the resources that their planets did produce, they were having a external tool where members did exactly what i brought up as an idea here. the difference was, they just selected in the tool what upgrades/buildings they wanted to have next which represented a certain amount of resources. members could take those requests and fullfil them completely or partly by accepting them and deliver resources to the players planet. with that, everybody had a perfect view on the alliance's resources and the needs and what was possible for the success of the alliance.

    so if we adapt this to SP1914, a internal stock market would serve similar purpose. you do not need the option to make the request for 'lvl 4 fab in Berlin' but you can just say 'me, player cZw0 wants 2,5k iron'. who ever is having that can accept and deliver.

    i am uncertain of the effort such coding would be, but i guess, you can 'simply' close the market function and restrict it to 'if _player_is_in_coalition(); then _market_display(); fi;' :P

    But surely i get the point.

    Just one thought on backstabbing and misuse of coalition functions. this will always happen not matter what function you have in a coalition or in the game as such. it's about trust. if there is someone you don't trust, do not share map or be in coalition with him/her.

    Could also return to 'Old Glory' days of no coalitions and players had to use diplomacy and actual communication skills to win maps, now it seems players love coalitions and many new players enter these coalitions on day 1 , go inactive on day 3-5 , and then the veteran player remaining which has RoW with these AFK former allies starts Harvesting them with his RoW priviledge to sack capitals as he needs a morale boost.

    That's a whole other topic and a problem which exists but has nothing to do with my proposal.

    Perhaps Leader of coalition should manage the members resources like you would do in an alliance battle map....

    I can think of 20 other things which Bytro could better spend resources on IMO

    Thanks for Suggestion

    Everything worked better back in the good alliance battles. But within the loose coalitions nowadays such a centrally managed resource exchange by a member of the coalition does not work as people do not trust each other enough. Also you must be lucky to find someone who can be online basically all the time to keep everyones needs satisfied. Again, this worked in alliance maps, but this won't today.

    I could also think of several other things for Bytro but this is one important thing.

    true. there are normally between 3-5 days of tht timer. most dudes rush during that times once they see someone went for archiving this map. it's a big advantage then to being able to take ones whole country without much resistance.

    Enable members of a coalition to place offers/orders for resources that any other coalition member can accept.

    So you do not trade with them directly but anyone in the coalition who has the requested resources or need your resources that you offer, can send/ receive the goods. Nowadays you need to ask your members who has what you need any place that trade invidually. It would be more easy for the whole coalition to balance their surplus and shortage between members.

    i agree, i would also be happy to have that option to capitulate. ai takes over and 50% of the provinces are moved to the victorious player. Diplomatic status is automatically changed to peace. Something like this.

    I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I feel that a confirmation window would save a lot of frustration and help players keep their goldmark. On the other hand, I feel like it's important that we support the developers. Although I don't feel like in a way ripping your players off because of a miss-click is the best way to raise finance. My solution would be to have the confirmation window as a setting that can be toggled.

    That's a good proposal! Those who do not want to confirm, can toggle that off, the others can safe their GM and not loose it be accident.