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    I don't love this. I guess it's quite easy to see the practical reasoning behind those cutoff times but they seem quite intrusive. Imagine playing a game that is so hard fought constantly that it goes on longer and then suddenly, it just kinda ends. I don't love this. As far as the "future updates" rationale - that hasn't made this change neccessary in over ten years, so I don't know about that.

    en cuanto esto , se podria pedir por ticket , la prorroga del tiempo , cuando el mapa lo amerita y los jugadores activos asi lo crean necesario?

    1. As for this, could it be requested by ticket, the extension of time, when the map deserves it and the active players believe it necessary?
    1. hello, you can't see the clock with the time of the attack when the units have movement orders, this prevents making decisions about it. The newspaper does not correctly reflect the units that you have lost or killed, for example I cannot know how many planes I have killed of my enemy in game 4227711.
    2. And now, when you select several provinces, the option of scheduling constructions that you already have scheduled or in the process of construction disappears, which forces you to select the provinces a few at a time, even one at a time.
    3. Do you realize that every time you touch something things work worse than before?
    5. Here I want to program fortresses, as there are fortresses under construction I cannot see that option.
    6. And another thing, for work reasons I have a high speed connection and a pc ready to use autocad, revit and photoshop, and even so the 500 map is slow to load or move, you select a unit and it takes several seconds for the menu to activate, the units cannot be seen if they are not selected. It is painful how the game is working, when before it was much superior in many aspects.
    7. sorry for the google translation, i don't speak english
    1. Good afternoon, I have problems with the manufacturing schedule of units and buildings if I select more than 5 provinces, only the construction and manufacturing of units is scheduled in one of them, and also if any province has all four possible schedules occupied, they are not noted in the rest that if they have the possibility to do so. To be able to do this I must select the provinces that have the same level, for example if I want to raise the level of the fortresses I must choose all those that do not have, then all those that have level 1 and so on, before that was not necessary, they could try to fix it, Thank you

    Another issue is the behavior of the AIs, they have given way to me three times, and when I send troops through, they take it away from me and I go to war. There is nothing interesting to fight against the machine, it is just a nuisance, at least they should be more stable.

    More improvements based on feedback are still lined up for future updates.

    Thank you, I wrote many times about what happened to me in the game in Spanish and I felt that I was not heard, now I am communicating in English (with google translations, because I do not speak English) and if I see that they read and respond.

    If I was too hard on you, I apologize.

    I have the recurring problem, that the troops travel the segments of the map from one extreme to the other, when they arrive at the intersection of the provinces and even when they change from one province to another, they return they lose time, deviate from their path, and even they stamp with other armies unexpectedly.

    I have also noticed that some orders are not saved when I close the game, for example, he changes the shooting control and when I open the game this change is no longer there, or I moved to group and when I return that is not happening.

    Before that happened when one did not give time to the connection, but now it shows me the order, it tells me the travel time, for example, then I no longer know how to tell if an order remained on the server, or not ...

    Thank you so much


    Indeed, the functioning has improved, many provinces can be chosen more quickly. It still seems to me that the circle that marks progress in unit recruitment is irrelevant and attracts nonsensical attention, but that does not influence how important it is to efficiently manage the map and its resources.

    I would like if you can review, what makes the troops travel the segments of the map from one end to the other, deviating from the programmed route, this delays the routes and in many cases has led me to lose units that deviate and take longer, even exposing himself to the enemy. This error now does it without being shown, so when one sends to some place on the map it turns out that it is found when opening the map again with the armies going to places where they were not sent.

    Also, they tell me that planes disappear, although I did not happen. It will be that I do not use them very often. But if soldiers appear to me in strange places when I divide the armies, generally half an hour away.

    greetings and thanks

    I would like to know, if possible, in the administrator of the provinces that each type of building is in a column, the current version is very confusing, when you select a building, for example, train, you must look for it row after row in different positions, really It's a headache.
    The advance of the recruitment of soldiers is not relevant in this table, it is not a variable that you can modify directly, however, it is first with a thick circle that produces visual contamination and makes reading difficult, the only important thing here is to be able to filter provinces to select them according to the type of operation you want to do. For example, for moral reasons if you want to build fortresses, or those of fuel to make trains or the double ones to make factories with some criteria, those that have ports to manufacture ships, etc. The previous table was much simpler and more efficient ... greetings and Thanks for reading this.

    1. When you have 100 provinces, or more, you cannot see what happens one by one, it is necessary to filter, turn off or turn on trains, barracks, etc. for example: it is of minimal intelligence, if you lack wheat, turn off the barracks with low morale, because they consume the same to produce fewer soldiers and thus you balance the deficits and preserve the morale. THAT CANNOT BE DONE AS EASY NOW AS YESTERDAY !!!!! Those who design the game seem completely unaware of the operations we normally do and modify things that work well, without understanding the criteria. Meanwhile 6 years ago I had to restart the game to change my diplomacy status or the type of resource in the market. The bugs that really annoy are not changed !!!!! Another example, because I cannot place my troops within 1 minute of a border between provinces or a node on the map, because units jump and magically locate themselves in those nodes, when you move or divide leaving you at the mercy of your enemies, when a moment ago were you safe?
    2. Surely there are many more things that would really improve the game ...
    3. On the other hand, the red dot improves the possibility of locating things, only that the symbol that indicates an attack is also red, so in that case it is not seen, but in general it is better than before .... thank you for that.

    Every time I see images of how the game was, and how it looks today, I think there was really no progress, I understand the best intentions of the developers, but the environment has deteriorated, it is more confusing and aesthetically it is not more beautiful at all. on the other hand, the game does the same things, so the changes are merely aesthetic and they worsen the possibilities of visualizing the battlefield, which was better resolved in the previous version.
    It is not just nostalgia that motivates my words. I play many hours and I know it from my own experience.
    If they allowed me, I would not choose this mode in any way, have you been asked? I think that if they are interested in having the older players continue, they should be more humble and listen, or are they not interested?
    I have tried to continue and I continue playing but it is exhausting, knowing that before it was better to overcome these difficulties, greetings and thanks

    I have put many comments, which are not of the type, legacy or I am leaving, but it seems that if they are not in English, they are not attended.
    I play several years ago, I was GO and I was unfairly expelled in my opinion.
    Create a new account, which is in the top 100. The previous version works better, because the graphics allow a faster reading of what is happening. In my opinion the poster that indicates the composition of the armies covers things, especially if you divide the units. In the discussion about the new interface, in Spanish I have put several examples of this situation. I hope you see the comment and improve this aspect, which for me is the most difficult part of the new interface. There are also improvements and I keep playing, thanks and greetings
    (I clarify that I do not speak English and use google to translate)

    (changed font size so it doesn't take up the entire screen)