Elite AI for all! - Patch Notes

  • To be quite blunt, this update and several others prior to it seem to be either the handiwork of utterly ignorant delusion or a concentrated effort at putting the final blow amongst many to the already half rotted corpse of the only MMO I've played for years and continuously without fail since when I started it.

    I can (barely) tolerate the gradually shift to (Even more) Emphasis on pay-to-win mechanics, the deletion of the old forums and all the awesome memories it contained, the introduction of the new graphics and all the various annoyances playing with or trying to introduce someone new to game using the different version brings and even the general poor state of community spirit.

    But between the fire at will update and this one I along with many others have reached the breaking point, whatever the reason unless this slew of viruses disguised as updates are re-addressed by hopefully taking into account the many in-depth suggestions sprinkled in this thread amongst the rage or even simply rolled back I frankly cant see any reason to continue the effort of playing.

    There's sadly really no worthwhile depth left to what was already the shallow core, or what were core mechanics of Supremacy since diplomacy is basically pointless now beyond coalitions and we are left with can basically be described as "In the grim darkness of this new era, there can be war and only war". Which in turn is basically the death of the Roleplaying community as I know it and have been a member of almost since the beginning of my tenure in Supremacy.

    I and everyone else pretty much already realize that at this point Bytro dosn't actually hold any care for what the roleplayers or any other part of its playerbase thinks about the products it creates, and with being said. Frankly even if this does get fixed I'm not sure if its worth continuing to play these games if the devs or whoever is responsible for the direction of Supremacy and the rest of the Bytro family of games is this out of touch with the gamers who actually put in the effort of playing said games.


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  • Amazing guys, just amazing. These updates ruin the experience for a huge portion of your fan base, the role players, and for many other people. This is honestly non-sense. Please fix this or I, along with many other people, will no longer play this game. Role play is what got me into this community and you are actively trying to tear it down.

    roleplay does not generate any revenues - so you know, waste of server space

  • Btw, the "Fire at will" problem, got somehow solved in CoW in the same patch(yesterday), I guess we'll have to wait another week.

    It was forgotten in the S1914 release notes.

    I can confirm that "Fire at Will" now functions again as before it was changed, so wars are no longer triggered with neutral nations on the default settings.

  • It was forgotten in the S1914 release notes.

    I can confirm that "Fire at Will" now functions again as before it was changed, so wars are no longer triggered with neutral nations on the default settings.

    Cool, now to wait a few months for the new features, or more correctly, the removal of them, to be fixed, so that we can have something else be ruined :)

  • We should take a step back and look at the latest patches and see this from a war game stand point. In any war game, be it an old fashioned board-game (Risk, Chess etc) or Supremacy, we are all looking at what are the moves of our opponent.

    These are the facts in this "game" we are playing with "the company" (Bytro does not like it's name mentioned in a derogatory sense or tone. This can lead to repercussions...)

    1. "The Company" likes it when people buy gold marks. It pays the bills pure and simple. I will not go into gold mark abuse in many of the games but the few (key word) that spend lavishly help them economically.

    a. Financial types in the company can easily track each player and divide them into those who buy gold marks and those who don't.

    b. A financial decision must have been made by the powers that be to turn Supremacy and other games into a pay to play. They tease players to play for free but in the end the free persons get steam rolled and eventually give up or break out the credit card

    2. "The Company" is easily tracking who is complaining and who is not. They can use their computers and report to the powers that be that on any given day they have X amount of players playing in Y games. From this, how many are complaining about an update and how may are complacent about the changes. Point summary - if we are the minority, there will be no changes.

    3. If the people that are complaining are also those who spend lavishly, then "the company" will listen as they do not want their gravy train/s to go away.

    4. In the meantime, just like the main cell phone manufacturers, they do not want you to buy a cell phone and keep it that way for life. They want you to buy a new one every 2-3 years (read pay to play...) "The company" is going down the same path.

    Point Summary - we all wish for the earlier versions of Supremacy, but sadly I feel those days are in the past. We can vote with our feet but we will be replaced by newer players who never knew what the game was like in it's heyday.

  • Imagine being afraid of repercussions for voicing your opinion on a collapsing game whose developers give no shits about many sectors of the community

  • I think I'll be the lone dissenter in some of the valid critics this update have received...

    + Elite AI: For me, that's a great update, whether you're roleplaying or not. Talking about realism, there's nothing realistic at all in moblilize all your troops against one enemy without worry about the other countries you border with. I think it's good to punish the warmonger players and this update serves that purpose. However, as nothing is perfect, I think that Elite AI should be less obstinated when players proposes peace or RoW on them. If a player have good reputation, the Elite AI have to prize that player.

    + Units trade removal: another great update. Sorry, people, but, for me, it was making no sense at all, in the realistic POV, about giving soldiers or war material to another country like "Hey, you, brit chap, your government have decided you're not brit anymore! Since we lost the war with Germany, we decided you're german now, so sing "Deutschland Über Alles" and you must say "Ich bin ein Berliner". And yes, that's applies with artys, planes, tanks and navies. After all, those units consumes 20 grain per day. If you want to be a good ally, either in normal or RP games, moves your troops towards your allies battlefield, not take the easy way of give them your troops.

    That's all. Because yes, the removal of trade between neutrals sucks and easily can be the most infamous update ever.


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  • Eh Demonaire - let me tell you something about trading troops

    Once upon a time I was exceling in exterminating maps and wining solo. not because i am antisocial but because you could not trust anyone anymore in supremacy where backstabbing and selling info about troops position was day-to-day activity. Lying and betraying was called diplomacy , well for me it is just lying and backstabbing that is way I always kept my word even if it costed me couple of hundred lost games. But then I got more of real life and had to figure out how to play with much less activity than others.

    Melee and planes were way to do it but after you nerfed cavs and change att/deff values in pre-last udpate it was not possible at all to have any reliable battle scores ergo you were not able to plan any thing without looking at the battle progress... useless update in battle mechanic that preserves smaller units for much longer where with 10% of troops they are still dealing 50% of the original stack...

    anyway, moving forward- did not have time even for that so I made my own strategy of fighting wars as a mercenary. You have a problem- you give me your troops and money and I win it for you. simple like that. I also used it to stall anyone trying to win and bring balance to the force sometimes even bringing down whole coalitions of 2500 provinces. It was ofc on the great expense of real time so I decided to create small, tall empires with possibility to move quickly around a map an deploy troops to stall winners while My allies were giving me their planes and some mechs to do my work. Simple like that, i was not forced to slaughter my neighbors, I could enjoy game with 100-250 provinces , maintain cordial relations with all my neighbors while getting provinces form enemies.... not to much time wasted on managing as country was small, easy to play with high morale of core provinces. no gold needed to win a map in coalition. And even when you were utterly destroyed you could still get 1 province from friend and support him against you backstabbers and traitors. Karma served in the best way.

    Now I have couple of 500 maps where I was playing that and due to wild, unannounced update 3 of my maps will be probably be going to a trash bin. I know you would never be able to repay me my horus spend there and effort wasted, but at least it would be good to receive GMs back as both of your updates completely destroyed strategy that allowed to win wars and maps without a single GM against HNR,activity players, Gm players and rushers. You without any reason destroyed all independent gameplays leaving only the most brainless and destructive ones like rush,hnr and gming. Cutting off all cooperation between allies against stronger more active and wealthier opponents.

    I would focus more on banning RDCing,VPNing, where you have 5 people siting on a same account. If you cannot do that- allow everyone to have so many people taking care of their account.

    Also reducing number of GM usage would be good as some kinds of units cannot be used when enemy is using GMs on you and some armies can be even destroyed without a single shoot with gms... now that is I called critical bug- lack of balance.

    Giving troops does not make sense? I believe updates destroying community make no sense and hidding behind realism that has nothing to do with that game ( you can still trade millions of resources for nothing and kill hundreds of units without any loss with less numeric same kind of unit ... this is so unrealistic that not a single game I know allowed that. Imagine playing another game having 1 orc going against 200 orcs and killing them all only because you were more active.... that is unacceptable). Please spare us that realistic facade as we all know people proposing updates and creating them do not know how to play that game and how to be part of user friendly gameplay. You played 77 maps according to your description and you tell people who played hundreds that you do not agree with their opinion. You do not have too but in my book experience outranks everything and if person who plays since 10 years that game in 500 maps tells you that you are killing community then maybe game experience is more important than being realistic.

    Do what you wanna do , remove older or experienced players as you did in 2014 and after that. stats do not lie that since you moved from Java to HTML and tarted your updates theory - game is getting less and less popular while reviews felt under 45%.

    Generally I do not care about RPG players and medium users but if they will leave it would be just impossible to play interesting maps. Stuck between rushers, backstabbers, newbies , Hnr zombies , 1 exploit users and GMers I would probably have to kill whole maps again and this is simply waste of my time and server space. Plus they will be insulting me and reporting me for using game engine in the way they do not comprehend. SO please ensure you do not lose RPGers and medium tier users as it would be good to have some fun on maps with some chilled people.

  • roleplay does not generate any revenues - so you know, waste of server space

    Dont generate any revenue huh? I have spent over $6,000 US dollars in support of the roleplaying community and ensuring that the RP experience is as good as it can be. I also know 5 other RP whales (They gave me permission to state this) that have spent even more.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have been apart of this community for many many years, fought with the prestigious blue suns PVP corp, created many large scale successful RPs, helped train an entire generation of roleplayers, and served as a member of the support staff for over 4 years.

    However, this very well could be the straw that breaks the camels back. I have stayed and continued playing and paying for the game because of the RP Community. If the staff feels that they need to remove the ability to trade units and remove the ability to give non coalition members ROW (This breaks Land swaping and all historical RPs), then it might be time for me and my friends to move on (Combined we have over 300 years experience playing the game, just as a fun fact lol).

    We have always enjoyed the Roleplays on all bytro games since its creation in 2009. We have dealt with the abuse and all the times the staff made a decision that negatively impacted the Roleplaying community. However, this one we will not be able to design around and will break the community. I can deal with being stiffed over 1 million gold from the upgrades we made on the alliance, we can deal with having increased requirements to creating large scale maps for our community is larger and stronger then most realize, but this fundamentally breaks our ability to play the game as we wish to play it.

    If the staff doesn't believe me, please have a MA or CC check how much I have spent, I wish I was kidding when I am saying this. I will check in a couple weeks to see if there has been any accommodations made. If not, I will begin preparations to move to another game.

    P.S. If someone from the staff wants to talk to me in private I have some solutions that will be amicable for both parties.

    Best regards,


  • come on guys this best update so far for bytro you will spend to kill the gm.Example day 8 I gm factory I gm 10-25 arty have half the map soon since all leave or gm to:) how can be a good update then? stop complain and gm :) make bytro proud

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+

  • sry Forgotten_Marshal - I thought all RPGs are GM free as you can prepare game without spending a single GM, but it takes time and some work.

    6 000 $ that would be around 100 000 000 GMs in my shop hmm

    but I am guessing al RPs were marked as extinctas noone checked how much they spent .

    Fight guys as I do not want to play on maps with lvl0 a and lvl1

  • This update is absolutely terrible. Even worse than the last one, that introduced fire at will for all units as a default. This will kill the Roleplay community, which is literally the only reason I am still playing Bytro games. It seems like this is a procession through all your games, introducing horrible features seemingly with the intent of ruining your games, and now it's Supremacy's turn. I really loved the roleplaying aspect of this game, but I'm sorry to say that after my current RP rounds are over I might have to abandon Bytro games for good. This is literally unacceptable and I can't understand why you are ruining your games like this.

  • sry Forgotten_Marshal - I thought all RPGs are GM free as you can prepare game without spending a single GM, but it takes time and some work.

    6 000 $ that would be around 100 000 000 GMs in my shop hmm

    but I am guessing al RPs were marked as extinctas noone checked how much they spent .

    Fight guys as I do not want to play on maps with lvl0 a and lvl1

    even if they were GM free and no-GM was invested, people buy HC, HC has a good reputation and nobody complains about it even if its also a paid option

    besides the direct money, it's the player value and the community input these players can provide, which impacts indirectly to the amount of money bytro makes, not only by playing RP rounds, but they probably also play normal games, which leads to having capable opponents so you can have fun playing

    those are things that you can't just relate them to a couple of bucks


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    men who despise you, enslave you

    who regiment your lives, tell you what to do

    what to think and what to feel!

    Who drill you, diet you, treat you like cattle,

    use you as cannon fodder.

    Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men

    machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!

  • come on guys this best update so far for bytro you will spend to kill the gm.Example day 8 I gm factory I gm 10-25 arty have half the map soon since all leave or gm to:) how can be a good update then? stop complain and gm :) make bytro proud

    to clarify I spend money on correct rule breaks, accidental damaged caused during the RP so we can just move on and not have it impact the RP, and aiding in LS including rushing out units. So as a general rule, no we dont but for certain scenarios to improve the experience of the entire games player base we will spend.

  • For whatever reason, players and staff members who have never themselves attempted to try a Roleplaying round seem to act as if they have any idea of what one actually entails, which I personally find hilarious :D

    Forgotten_Marshal is entirely correct with his statements. Over my time here being a creator within the S1914 Roleplaying community, I have also spent an exorbitant amount of money for Goldmark and other premium currency in order to provide more effective administration within my rounds. (probably 20-25% of what Marshal has.)

    just as a clarification, Gold is used within RP rounds by the Admins in order to more quickly create historical borders (improve morale in provinces to create the american borders faster with less rebelling provinces), provide balance for nations, penalize rulebreakers (ex: you build a fort that you weren't allowed to, we spybomb it down), or in certain cases, entirely wipe out players that choose to go rogue within the round. It is our way of establishing effective control and administration over something that is naturally incredibly difficult to create.

    Adding elite AI has no effect on the types of rounds we create, so its more or less a null point. However, The removal of unit trading and resource trading unless in coalitions, as many of you have already stated, is something that disrupts the game diplomacy and economy massively, and is essentially railroading us into only choosing certain paths of expansion. Bad enough for the regular players, but for those who do RP, it does the following:

    -Nations are no longer able to communicate with one another and trade resources to establish a sense of realism and diplomacy within the round proper, causing more aggressive plays contributing to the death of the rp more quickly.

    -Following large scale wars, players cannot contribute to their nation's economy by selling off units and gaining some revenue in the form of resources or money, cutting off another aspect of actual IRL diplomacy (countries sell military equipment, get used to it.)

    -Finally, nations that have been in large scale wars cannot be replenished after losing significant portions of their army, cutting off another aspect of RP and actual irl diplomacy. (condottieri within the medieval ages, volunteer soldiers or mercenary brigades in the Spanish civil war, etc.)

    My solution has always been for whatever updates are created for main games, for unranked rounds to not include the arbitrary changes in order for our aspect of the community to continue to exist, as we do provide a benefit if properly supported.

    A solution for this situation seems rather obvious, I, as well as other RP creators would be delighted to simply pay bytro directly for a private map to be created for us, along with specifications that we desire.

    Something like this:

    =I am allowed creative freedom to administer to my liking (ie remove rulebreakers from the round).

    =Where staff will respond to requests in a punctual manner (like within 12 hours), or the creation of a staff position for this sort of thing.

    =Where unit trades, resource trades, or trades in general are allowed to happen.

    =Where the map borders could be created for us or some sort of speedier border setup could be made for us.

    My criticism is constructive, we are rightfully upset, but we are not a community that would hesitate to pay money for something if we were given appropriate options instead of simply forced to oblige to mandatory and arbitrary updates. I personally would not hesitate to spend 1000+ per year if i am given something to spend it on.


    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

    My Youtube Channel is linked in the thumbnail :)


    The New Roleplayers Union Discord is linked to the Banner. Feel free to drop by and say hello 8)


  • Now, I am no community hero like my Boyfreind marshal, master creator like magnum, or an organizer like Turk.

    However, I agree that this latest update destroyed the RP community who has the most experience players in the community, highest pay to non paying ratio of any group in the community, and whose spending habits enhance the experience of other players instead of destroying it.

    I find it amazing how the staff can so readily belittle the community that has people like marshal who works 60 hours+ a week and still finds time to help out this community as one of the very few things he enjoy. Its not uncommon for me to roll over in the middle of the night, and see him tinkering on a bot, or looking for new RPers to bring in, and it honestly rejuvenates him to see that his work is making other people happy.

    I strongly believe that the staff need to sit down and honestly talk to the RP community. After all, they at least spend enough to pay for half a Community Manager so wouldnt it be wise to at least talk to them before always making decisions that harm their community?

    If the Staff does not reverse this decision and create an open discussion with our community, I will stop spending and move on along with Marshal. After all, we work harder then any other group in the community and are always treated like crap. there are plenty of other games that would bend over backwards for the amount of money we spend in a year.

    (I would highly advise talking to marshal, his been the master book keeper for the past 5 years for the community)



  • God Otto / Lord Nice Boy denounces Bytro´s crusade and genocide of the RP community, Call of War´s and Supremacy´s recent updates has virtually stopped Role-Playing. These updates are, but not limited to, the one banning giving units, the one that requires coalitions to trade resources, the ban of roleplayers getting world maps on Call of War, and the need of membership just to get a game made, or the simple mechanic of Fire at Will being the automatic command to start with, as it makes Land swap difficult. This is why I denounce all of Bytro with exception to New World´s Empires. and shall move my glorious community to it until my concerns are addressed..

  • Bytro might aswell call themselves Ea at this point

    they should just tell us not to RP at this point. but i refuse to pay a penny towards any of these games ever again, as far as im concerned they dont deserve it

    I told you they hated us Narmer

  • Reading your first three paragraphs (and especially your "mercenary" work), now I think unit trading removal is the real star of this update and, noblesse oblige, it almost make me to say "kudos" to the developers (almost, of course, because of the infamous trade removal between neutrals).

    Essentially, your "mercenary" work is falling at some distance from account-pushing. It isn't, of course, but it's like a legal trick to do it. And if that was the mode people was using the units trading, removal decision is totally correct. People wants to play against another people, not playing against the level 1000 superplayer who resulted to be there and the other players make him to do the dirty job because the opponent was a good player.

    And, of course, things like the former are the ones you only can see when you only have some tens of games in your description, instead of your zillions. That's why, for me, you scrubbing in my face your zillions of games played is a fallacy, not an argument. So, spare us from your "I've played zillions of games" bragging.

    Do you think you must be compensated for GM by updates thrown like a bomb? Maybe, I think updates shouldn't be launched in the way Bytro does. It should have a previous announcement before the implementation to take note from player's reaction. And, if the update is a surprise bomb, Bytro may compensate players who feels harmful by that, if they can't exempt those matches from the updates. But, on the other hand, I don't see how a player can ask for compensation when he asks another players to transfer troops to him and, in that way, face another players whom doesn't meet with your "moral" criteria (HNR,activity players, Gm players and rushers). That, again, is falling at some distance from ruining game experience for players.

    You can despise realism all you want. For me, it's a variable that can't be ignored. I think, however, playability is more important. Your post is a good proof: transfering troops not only shows realistic flaws, but playability flaws too. Clearly, it generates more troubles than benefits, so its remotion is, IMHO, benefical for S1914. At least, that surely allows RPGers and medium tier users to have some fun, by avoiding some superplayer obliterates them if they don't fulfill superplayer criteria.


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  • At least freezy came to say the last update was removed. Shame about ignoring everything else but ya know, I'd expect nothing less at this point.

    Even if anything changes, itl just be another few weeks before some other poorly thought out update is released.

    I used to think bytro was against rp, but at least they are starting to shaft the PvP community too. Top work